749 Typecast.

I’m going to be in Garden on Tuesday the 5th for a dentist appointment. So plan your life accordingly if you live there.

I have had the conversation from this page so many times that I honestly thought it was already in the comic. I went back and looked over the archive and didn’t see any point where it happened, but I’m sure they must have touched on the theme at least. In any case, even if they did speak of this before, I decided to leave it this way because people do tend to revisit conversations, and it moved nicely into the next part. It’s also possible that since I wrote this years ago that it’s been hanging around in my head and it just feels like I’ve trod this ground before. Really, any number of things could have caused the feeling. I often look at art I have no chance of ever having seen before and feel like I’ve seen it before. Deja vu has plagued me my whole life in many ways. As I’m sure I’ve said before.

I have a tendency to repeat stories I’ve told. Mostly because I can never remember who I’ve told them to. Also, once I’ve told a story one time it moves out of the story to tell box and into the stories I’ve told one, so I stop thinking about it. In fact, my friends often have to remind me of things that I’ve done. I remember them once they retell me the story, but before that point I have limited access to the memory. The more time I spend in isolation the worse it gets.

In writing this down I am reminded of a story that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to use in the comic, so I’ll just tell you guys.

There was once a stock manager where I worked who hated me. She caused problems generally, but for whatever reason she disliked me particularly. This isn’t important to the story per se, but it sort of is. Anyway, it was decided by the powers that be that she needed to be fired. So they sent out a monkey to get that job done. Now, the place I worked sold candy. Whenever something gets opened, be it from theft or accident, it’s reported as a theft and written off on the company’s taxes. The thing is you have to send whatever is left back to whatever magic land they came from. It’s actually kind of bunk because it’s not like you can prove the circumstances most of the time, but I digress.
The lady in question had been eating scraps out of “stolen” bags of candy. Which I don’t think really matters, but when you’re trying to get someone fired you hold to the rules as hard as you can. Anyway, the company’s boy detective caught her scavenging from a bag of Skittles and canned her for it. Problem solved. A few days later a friend of mine ran into her at a restaurant and she told him the story I just related to you. The thing that makes me remember the story is that at the end of the story she dejectedly said “I just wanted to taste the rainbow.”


As much as I disliked her, that was just too good.


Oh man… I cannot wait to see the looks on their faces when/if they find out.

Their poor little minds will be BLOWN.

I’m surpized Brooksie is n’t weired out withall the guy talk happening infront of her more over that shes isnt’t offened that Thomas and John feel comfortable enough around her to talk about this stuff

She’s eavesdropped on enough guy talk being allowed to watch it without the hiding isn’t that big of a deal for her.

I have probably said John’s lines in panel 2 verbatim before. I feel awkward now.

Thomas is handling this pretty well in comparison to how I feel Carol would handle it had she been there.

If I’m not mistaken Jo likes to play the eavesdropping ninja (at least while in the store), so I doubt if eavesdropping in plain sight would phase her in the least. And for those not aware, aside from a little confusion about which lineup she’d like to take a run at, there’s not much ‘typical’ about her. Never lose that child-like wonder…

The gods of scheduling things wrong plague me yet again. Then again, the boss hasn’t posted next week’s litany of mediocrity just yet, so maybe I will actually be available on the fifth? Probably not, though.

Ah, well, tis the day of the fool, and I’ve got fake eviction notices to plant on soon to be ex-friends’ doors. I’m going to have enough fun it should be illegal. In fact, it may be. Hell, it probably is. Meh, what good is defrauding your friends and family without a little risk, eh?

My store sells sweets (What we here in Brit-People-Land call candy) and if they get damaged we have to write them off as ‘Shop-soiled’ and bin them. But if they get close to their best before date, we’re allowed to mark them down to 10 pence (Original price is roughly 75 pence) and sell them. If they actually go out of date, then they either have to be binned, or the staff can buy them for 5 pence.

I’ve eaten a lot of out-of-date chocolate recently.

Well at least none in the back is cionfrmed in these panels, could have the waist variety up front, though unlikely

It appears the website has ended up with the nutjobs as well

I feel silly. I forgot to put down my email.

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