747 Delegation.

The other night I got a thought for some audience participation stuff.  One thing was having people suggest movies for Jolene to quote.  So if you have a movie you’d like to see referenced, particularly an obscure one, send me an email.  You can leave suggestions in the comments, but they’ll end up getting lost after a while.  Since that sort of thing is situational there’s no telling when, or if, a suggestion will get used, but still.

Another thing I thought of was voice casting the comic.  If you were going to give each character a voice who would you choose?  I may have asked this before, but I don’t remember.  Plus, I expect that more people read it now than before.


I’m getting the feeling that Jo now has a shoulder devil to compliment Nina, her shoulder angel. And when it comes to movie quotes, “Your tearing me apart, Lisa!” from The Room, arguably the worst movie ever made. Make it happen!

It’s time like this I wish a was an obscure movie buff.
As for the voice casting John would sound to me like a Michael Rosenbaum (Plays Lex Luthor in Smallville but more importantly did the voice for the Flash in Justice League [Unlimited])
Mike sounds like a Sean Schemmel (Goku from DBZ)
This requires more research.

I love your art style. It’s like a weird mix of ‘anime’ style (for lack of a better term, if there is one) and sort of an Archie Double Digest.

Just wanted to let you know that.

Agh, I want to help voice cast them, but I just always read their lines in the voices of my friends.

As for quotes, all that can even cross my mind after reading this page is: “Well, she was beautiful, and I stole a pair of her panties as well” from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. I’ll think of something more general later.

It is almost a given since they’re going to be ghost hunting, but she almost has to quote the opening to the movie Nosferatu. After all, “Does not the very name chill the soul?”

Or do silent movies actually count as quotes?

@Chaz: I love that. Anime plus Archie. It really does fit.

As for movies, I think it desperately needs a Condorman quote in there somewhere.

And possibly a “Hear that you slimes? I’m famous” from the Last Starfighter.

To offer another line fron Henchman 21’s suggestion, NOSFERATU: “Is this your wife? What a lovely throat.”

Whenver I read the comic, I hear Brian O’Halloran as Thomas.

Bowerman – definitely thought the same thing. He’s straight outta Clerks, doing a shitty job just to be “there.” Hell, he even works in media like Randall Greaves did!

So…I have this movie quote that could be taken from ANY zombie movie ever made (well, with the exception of Shaun of the Dead, but that’s because it was never actually said but was implied)…”Shoot ’em in the head!”

Jolene could even use it when they find “ghosts”, and go, “Shoot ’em in the head! Wait. That only works on zombies.”

God do I love Jo, seeing her experience the world is fun. Though, her naivete did lead to her reacting to a woman in her panties roughly the same as a guy, at least at first: Trying to seem normal but fairly uncomfortable

My all time favorite movie is Ghostbusters, and considering the movie she’s trying to make, how about Ray’s line from in the basement at the library: “Listen! Do you smell something?”

I love that one because it’s subtle :D

As far as VA work goes, I’d love to see this, well, hear it. Derp.

For a quote, how about the Core?

College teacher: “So what’s going on?”
CIA officer: “We don’t know sir”
“Whaddya mean you don’t know?”
“your security clearance is higher then ours.”
“I have security clearance?”
“We’re just here to take you to your jet.”
“…I have a jet?”

Quote from sky captain and the world of tomorrow. The scene is one day Edd is helping Jo out in the video section and after she tells him to do something he responds;

“Is that an order or a suggestion?”

To which she replies;

“Defiantly an order>”

Is that Pokemon thing still going on? Totally awesome if so. ANYWAYS. I see Mike being voiced by that Stuart Ashens fellow from YouTube. Just saying that it’s eerie on how I get the feeling it sets that tone.

Movies Quotes-

“Tonight’s Forecast- A freeze is coming,” Mr. Freeze, Batman & Robin.
“I don’t like sand, it’s coarse and rough, and it gets into everywhere,” Annakin Skywalker, Star Wars 2
“I’m sorry Wilson! Wilson! I’m sorry!” Tom Hanks, Cast Away
“Ok CockSucker, Fuck with me, and we’ll see who shits on the sidewalk,” Warden, Death Race
“I have come to chew bubblegum, and kick ass, and I am all out of bubblegum,” They Live
“I know Kung Fu,” Neo, The Matrix
“Boys have penises, girls have vaginas,” Kindergarten Cop

Cast + Voices.

J. Thomas Blackwell – Shia LeBouf (I mean, come on, how can you not hear his voice when Thomas Speaks?)

Edward Lincoln – Steven Blum (I can just see it. Edward is short but has a temper. Classic Steve Blum work)

Carol Graves – Wendee Lee (Come on! She is beyond amazing! Look at all of the work she has done!)

Nine Grace – Catherine Taber (Not much reason here)

John Kepler – Steve Staley (As Neji Hyuga, I was not impressed but as Kadaj, a Sephiroth Remnant, I think he was decent.)

[Actually, Steve Staley or Quintin Flynn would be nice. I do think their voice’s could fit John well.]

Jolene “Brooksie” Brooks – Melissa Fahn (Brooksie is just like Ed from Cowboy Bebop, a bit more shyer but I think it goes well)

Miguel “Mike” Hernandez – JOHN DiMAGGIO! (Oh COME ONE! Bender from Futurama?! Wakka from Final Fantasy X! COME ONE!)

[Billy West would be great to, he has SO many voices. Dr. Zoidberg as Mike LMAO! No! Zaff Brannigan!)

Reginald “Reggie” Watson Boothe – Greg Ellis (I hate Reggie, but I like Greg Ellis as Cait Sith in FF:AC. I see Reggie as having that nasally Irish accent.)

Wesley Asel – Lauren Tom (No much to say, Wes sounds like a girl, whiney little bitch)

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