Damn. I didn’t see that that’s what the name of the strip was. Damn you and our psychic connection! Curses.

Crave: Ahahahahahaha!

acctually it is pronounced Glow- inn like when you say the word “in” .. as in “in the house” .. hahaha ….. I ´m acctually Icelandic so I know how it´s said .. because I rule … and I read books …

Still working on the books. I did one of the book reader no-nos and watched Lord of the Rings in movie form before reading the book. Kill me now, or after I finish the series. I just started reading them… and yes, I meant “series” because there’s a little know fact that LOTR was NOT a trilogy, There were actually 6 books in it. Dun remember the titles but yeah. I shall now revert my ways and say it “Glow-inn”

May C and the Gods save my soul, but for the love of all that is good and comic, 99% of the time I try to get to the next page I get Internet Explorer..ooohhhhh, going to fire fox now.

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