746 Hat Trick.

Earlier in the week I put out a call for a special Pokemon that I missed getting from Gamestop.  A kind reader responded with one and in trade I captured two Pokemon and named them after his favorite characters.  He was so pleased that I thought I would offer trades to any fans who wanted special pokemon too.  Just send me an email so I can set up a time to be on for trading with you.  Including the names of your favorite characters will speed things along.  I guess I better limit things to two per person as well.  I don’t know how many of you guys are pokemon fans.  Can’t be that many though.

Anyway, I’m in the middle of a difficult page, so I better just save this and have done with it for now.  I’ll talk to you guys in the comments when I have a second free.


It would be awesome to actually meet some with purple eyes, especialy on someone like Jo.

i was just reading about “violet eyes” today actually. apparently from the scientific view, its when the chemicals that disperse during eye development in the womb are slightly off balance, creating different colors such as violet, yellow, black, white/gray and even red have been reported. Its basically a mutation from reading DNA incorrectly. Its usually harmless, but also very rare. The person that made violet eyes famous was Elizabeth Taylor, the actress who passed recently. From a not-so-scientific point of view, they tell that the person has a deep inner wisdom, and is spiritually confident, and as a result, at peace with themselves.
I have dark brown eyes, to the point where its hard to tell they are brown and not black, but I was thinking about cheating and getting some dark violet lenses, something that won’t be too noticeable, but at the same time will change how people percieve my eyes.

Hm.. I don’t know. I don’t really have a fave from the new Generation. I have black though and DO need Solosis and Ruffet. You can always just email me when you would like to trade. Solosis would definitely be Brook though. I like the Guy Twin.

I feel like their relationship is really going to be beneficial to Jo’s confidence. She will definitely be a solid “rock” for Jo to lean on.

Is it just me or does the art style seem to be different the past few pages? Maybe it’s just me but I like it.

Are you looking to just trade event Pokemon, or trades in general? ‘Cause I’m building up some good trade stock. I can breed out either of the new fossils, for example – which would you need?

I’d offer to breed in some fun moves, but my collection thus far is like a harem anime – almost all female. I need to catch more guys to diversify the available movesets.

From Jessica’s Cast Bio: “If anyone can figure out how to have it both ways it’s Jess.”

I see what you did there. :D

Awww! My heart is melting……ARGH! MY HEART IS MELTING! *drops on the ground holding my chest*

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