“Get some soap Mr. um…”
“My name is not important.”

I remember attending Anime Central back in the 90s. The slogan for that year was ‘Got Soap’? It featured a rather retrospectively cringe-y image of Misty bathing inside an open Pokeball.

I went to ACen ’05. The staff (whatever they called them) had diagrams of soap guns guns on their shirts. Giant! Sci-Fi! Soap! Guns! It was great! XD

So, um, at least some people who don’t wash that much or avoid certain sorts of cleanliness products actually have allergies.

This is something that my father actually suggested at one point during one of the experiences which my allergist might have suggested was why I have one of the allergies I have. Admittedly, by that point, it was certainly established, but there’s always the possibility of throwing something into sharp relief.

Some place that really wants to encourage people to improve their hygiene are probably advised to stock multiple varieties of hypoallergenic hygiene products. I say this because it’s possible to be allergic to hypoallergenic stuff, it’s just less likely (by definition of hypoallergenic).

For example, I’m allergic to the hypoallergenic soap I use. I still use it because I’m allergic to all the varieties of soap I’ve tried and it has the lowest amount of residue. (Yes, even things that aren’t technically soap, like the stuff that’s crushed pumice. It’s just not the same allergy.)

Sometimes these are things people simply need to hear, but society forbids that we actually say them.

So basically Evirna is scary Terry? Aw man I love scary Terry! Scary Terry says what normal Terry is thinking!

If I even said half of the things that Evrina says, I would’ve been disowned by my family and possibly in the hospital with a face fracture.

I did not waste coffee, I had finished my mom by the time I read this.
But I did laugh so hard, if there had been coffee it would have spilt,

I don’t understand automatic spell check. Usually it just lets me know there is a award misspelled. But some times it changes the word entirely with no warning. Mug I had finished my mug, before I read this.

There were just so VERY_MANY possible “Scary-Bad” interpretations, if “mom” hadn’t been a typo!
#You_Had_Me_Scared_For_A_Moment … ;) … :P … :)

Luckily, there’s no “award misspelled” in your follow-up correction!
( … assumes a curmudgeonly old-man voice … )
“Drag-Nob thiss-here chicken-flippin’ spill-chucker!!!?!”

I am not sure which made me laugh more, the comic or the comments today!, double the laughs and double the value!

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