“Get some soap Mr. um…”
“My name is not important.”

I remember attending Anime Central back in the 90s. The slogan for that year was ‘Got Soap’? It featured a rather retrospectively cringe-y image of Misty bathing inside an open Pokeball.

I went to ACen ’05. The staff (whatever they called them) had diagrams of soap guns guns on their shirts. Giant! Sci-Fi! Soap! Guns! It was great! XD

Sometimes these are things people simply need to hear, but society forbids that we actually say them.

So basically Evirna is scary Terry? Aw man I love scary Terry! Scary Terry says what normal Terry is thinking!

If I even said half of the things that Evrina says, I would’ve been disowned by my family and possibly in the hospital with a face fracture.

I did not waste coffee, I had finished my mom by the time I read this.
But I did laugh so hard, if there had been coffee it would have spilt,

I don’t understand automatic spell check. Usually it just lets me know there is a award misspelled. But some times it changes the word entirely with no warning. Mug I had finished my mug, before I read this.

There were just so VERY_MANY possible “Scary-Bad” interpretations, if “mom” hadn’t been a typo!
#You_Had_Me_Scared_For_A_Moment … ;) … :P … :)

Luckily, there’s no “award misspelled” in your follow-up correction!
( … assumes a curmudgeonly old-man voice … )
“Drag-Nob thiss-here chicken-flippin’ spill-chucker!!!?!”

I am not sure which made me laugh more, the comic or the comments today!, double the laughs and double the value!

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