That smash cut was *great*.

And doubly effective considering how it’s not something Jackie uses in this comic much.

Already writing fanfic:
“My name is Vrina…”
“But your nametag says Evrina”
“I leave the E off for effort

I am excited as hell for more Evrina xD every none villain side character introduced in this series deserves so much exploration.

Are there villain characters?

More antagonists, than villains, I would guess.

Unless you count the usual big corporate evils since this slice of life seems set in a world much like our own.

“Snape” kinda made villainous remarks about wanting to date Carol. But he hasn’t been relevant for some time. Wesley is definitely a mook, not a villain… The only other direct “antagonist” is Thomas’s ex, but she’s not necessarily there to cause trouble.

Spending as much time as I do with my FLGS, can confirm this is pretty accurate. Too many maladjusted folk can’t be bothered to shower before coming in.

It’s a wonder he didn’t immediately respond with “I might actually get pussy? Where? From who? …you?”

I suspect this is not hurting sales in any way. They may even go up.

Sass is good for marketing.

Hey, it keeps Coffee of Doom in business.

(Evrina would fit in nicely over there.)

…….Which raises the question; what kind of sass does Emily provide at CoD?

The type of sass that comes from having no ill intent, too many thoughts at once, and too few brain-to-mouth filters, and it usually takes her customers a few minutes to catch up to the fact that she did actually sass them. :P

hahaha Evrina! Ya got me there, Jackie! I actually laughed outloud. Well played, sir…well played!

“smell like Doritos dipped in farts”

That is a memorable yet very accurate observation and brings back memories of Comic and game conventions past.

Sadly this week I would have been at Origins in Columbus Ohio but instead I am helping [not on my job description] install grossing tables in a new hospital.

Had to look up “grossing table”. “What do you do for a living? Oh, I’m a grossist”. I think getting dragged into things not on your job description is part of working at any sort of hospital.

Its that little line at the end – Duties as assigned.

I am a Validation Engineer at a small contract service company where Hospitals are part of the client base but mostly Pharmaceutical with some automotive tech aerospace and space clients in the mix.

Evrina and Victoria are legitimately my favourite characters in this comic. That’s not to say the main cast aren’t interesting, they are, but those two just always catch my imagination in a special way. I think it’s a credit to you that some of the ‘side’ characters are still so compelling.

Haha, me too for some reason.

I think I’d enjoy a side comic with Evrina and … uh, the guy? … set in Mexico, like ten years before now.

Like others have said, or alluded to…
if the games store customers follow Evrina’s rules, they might show up each day, just to see her chew out the OTHER customers.
Gotta have gimmick to get people in the store. :D

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