This is a comic PSA that drunk people need chaperones, preferably someone with no secondary interest.

Not that people didn’t know, but yknow.

As a mustard man myself, I have to say…nice

In a restaurant, it’s probably boring plain yellow mustard.

Nina & Ed would have so much more fun with honey mustard. ?

I prefer stone ground, or at least deli – can’t abide honey mustard’s sweetness muddying the spicy; that’s a combo reserved for gentling habanero peppers’ burn.
Probably not something you want on skin, though, particularly not on the more delicate membranes.

I’ve seen on a TV show, maybe one like American Pickers: an American guy who has a huge collection of different mustards.
He showed the host one of them and said something like: ” this is a yellow-colored mustard, that has some strawberry flavor(S) in it.
It is good on vanilla ice cream”.

“This amused me endlessly.”

You and me both, Jackie, you and me both. I was laughing out loud at Nina’s mischief face when I got to the last panel. What a great way to start the day, thanks for that!

I feel like there are probably tastier things to lick off her than mustard. I like mustard myself, but really only paired with something savory, so unless he’s about to take bites out of her… in her state, she seems about ready to suggest that, actually. Hopefully Thomas knows better.

Agreed. Mustard is good, but like most condiments is situational. My knee-jerk idea is honey, but that might be TOO sticky and sweet.

No matter how much one likes a sweet or savory squeezable food there’s a limit to how much of it you want to lick off another person.

But finding that limit can be fun.

Kinda what I was thinking. Condiments are meant to compliment food, not stand alone.

Some spreads can rather work
Peanut butter and nutella spring readily to mind

Very sticky, but I don’t think either of these two will mind the thoroughness required to get it all off… or the possible necessity of further ministrations in a shower to finish the job

Don’t know why, but “Staring down the barrel of a gun” came to mind- for Edward- maybe an equal amount of stress/ excitement?

Just finishing a catch-up binge on the comic, and I have to say: never has the word “raise” been used a more appropriately as a sound effect. Bravo, good sir.

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