Question is, will the China/India WW3 break out before or after Korean War 2: Peninsula Pandemic Panic?

Is it a world war if the US does not participate?

I would assume yes, since both WWI and WWII were considered world wars before America joined in, though they did offer assistance from afar. Hence the British quote “Filthy Americans, always showing up late to every war…”

Bonus points to whoever can source the quote without a search engine ;)

My view- I’m not concerned that North Korea will start a nuclear war with the United States, because I think that it will never happen.

BBC News [TM] received, or heard, this statement from the Government of The People’s Republic of China-
China said to North Korea- If the US starts a nuclear war with you, we will back you completely.

If [you] start a nuclear war with the United States, then you are totally on your own. You do that, + you won’t get our military support, or any of our support.

If you start a nuclear war with the US, we won’t help you at all, because that will be a useless and costly war.

It won’t be WW3 it will be just a regional war.

WW1 and WW2 where called wars because fighting took place on every continent.

Canada and Australia got involved the moment the UK got involved in WW1 and WW2 that’s 3 continents not to mention all the other territories controlled by the European empires at the time.

Fighting happened in the oceans off of South America the sinking of the Graf Spee for example.

That’s why they where called world wars regardless of which nations where involved.

So unless the Chinese and Indian military start fighting throughout the America’s, Europe and Africa it won’t be a world war.

“Until the world forgets about us again completely.” I feel like I’ve heard that before. One of those various Marvel Civil War things?

I think the photos are a brilliant idea.
China and Russia will have to duke it out for the #1 slot. Since the US has abdicated.

I’m just being silly, here, but-
The US lost it’s place as The Number 1…what???

Like Gallager says- in MY high school,…”number 1″, and “number 2”,were TWO things that you didn’t want to be.

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