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Carol probably hurt Thomas’s feelings a lot more than he’s letting on. Victoria was meant to say Reggie’s line to reinforce the idea that the Boothe family has certain beliefs about how burials & memorials should work, but her location in relation to John made it awkward, so I had him say it instead. I have continually forgotten the placement of the characters in relation to each other since I never really established where they are. In some ways it’s better, but if you actually tried to map things out I expect it would make for a table that makes no logical sense in space.

If you follow me on twitter you’ll be aware that I have removed the feed from the website. Although I have over 2K followers maybe 20 people are actually engaged there now. Many of the accounts are functionally dead. Twitter has become unbearable for most people. In the early days it was actually useful for building a brand or getting your work noticed, but that is no longer the case. It instigates fights to increase user interaction in the most negative way, because angry people stay engaged longer. Until they leave. I didn’t delete it, so if you want to see my ridiculous puns, or whatever else I post there, you can still follow me. I’ll keep using it for the users who still pay attention to it, but I’m not comfortable promoting it as a platform, or whatever it’s pretending to be. At this point you’re safer not getting noticed on twitter because if you do a mob will dig through your entire life in an attempt to get you to kill yourself. That’s not the expressed goal, there’s never actually an expressed goal, but the general gist is destroying a person’s life as much as possible, not accepting any apology they make, which is essentially a laconic public execution.


And here I thought you actually did delete your Twitter account due to the negative cesspool it has become.

I wouldn’t have blamed you for it either. :/

I follow some really wonderful people who I want to interact with, in spite of twitter constantly showing me the terrible people they know.

At this point, it’s probably better to just read the tweets of those you do follow and turn a blind eye to the rest.

Honestly, I see Reggie saying that line more so than Victoria. From everything we’ve seen of her, she seems like she’d be okay if the ashes were buried at that plot, especially since (if I remember correctly) she and Reggie are the only ones of the Boothe family that even KNOW of that plot.

I think that’s exactly why she was the preferred messenger. Coming from Reggie, it might just be Reggie being himself. Coming from Victoria it’s more than that.

My “Ghost Buddy” doesn’t help solve mysteries like spooky K.I.T.T / Optimus Prime, or cheat at poker so much as whine about his dead kid, and how he hates the gold standard, and lots, just like, so much racism stuff. Like its just gratuitous.

Well, as of 1933, you’ve got some good news for your Ghost Buddy and the gold standard.

I have no idea if my Ghost Buddy keeps up on current events, or even history since their passing.

If you could, please tell me- what is a ghost buddy?
That’s not a term that I know.

Its a fake term I made up when I wrote the comment.
In TV shows/movies/comics/etc you have the normal character and then they bump into a robot/ghost/talking animal/alien/etc and wacky stories ensure.

Hi Jackie,
I know you’ve been worrying about your followers/followed counts on Twitter dropping lately. Wanted to let you know that I’ve basically all but deleted my account there as well, but I’m still reading. I’ll pop in on the subreddit occasionally as well.

So close, Reggie, so close. You almost became a real boy. And then you said that.

That’s a perfectly valid concern. He believes in order. Family is in the family plot. You don’t pass out chunks of a family grave.

I expect that Reggie is a guy who likes his boundaries.

As for Twitter…I’ve enjoyed Jackie’s occasional commentary but I’ve never actively sought out someone’s twitter feed. If Twitter went away entirely, I doubt I’d notice.

And yes, I fully empathize about Twitter. I’d suggest LinkedIn instead, but that’s only a thin alternative.

I’ve never much gotten the point of Twitter. I have an account but only know about the people that I follow through email notifications.

I am even less ambition than that: I bookmark a few places and read them. A lot of them are writers and webcomic creators.

Here’s to those of us trying to find a bit of clean water around the sewage spill!

I DO see Reggie’s point, but that said, he wouldn’t need to be interred there, just sprinkled out on sacred ground. That should/might be/could be enough… Or too much by Reggie’s standards. Just a thought.


Good on you for abandoning Twitter. Let’s hope this is the beginning of a trend, and that people will start being less terrible to each other after.

I’ve had your comic bookmarked for years, mostly creeping silently, but I always come back for more. I continually hope for your well being.

For the guy’s ashes, if it were me I’d try to look in the photos for landmarks or something that may have had meaning to the guy and try to bury/spread him there. It might be a bit hard, but better than just dumping out the ashes someplace random.

Oh goodness! Panel 3 made me cackle-snort! Loudly! It’s a good thing my domicile is out in a wing.

…The way cuteness works is SO UNFAIR! *pout*

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