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Today seems to have gone on forever already. All my stuff is moved around and it’s all wrong and… I don’t even have an adjective to accurately describe it. I bet the Germans have one. They are light years ahead of our linguistic technology. In any case there’s nothing I can do about the situation. Change is the only constant and all that. Who knows, maybe in the end it will work better this way. At least I’m not a wall away from a blaring television now.

In other news I did go ahead and get Animal Crossing New Leaf. I encourage anyone who wants to visit my town someday to ad my friend code to their list. 3909-7997-3526 Just leave yours here and I’ll add it when I notice. Pears are my fruit. Which I think has been true for the last 2 games. What’s that about? Longtime blog readers will remember that I played City Folk for over a year for at least 30 minutes when I was going through my last bout of severe depression. It was as close to therapy as I got. I guess we’ll see if this version has that kind of staying power without it.

Anyway, I’m wondering if you guys would prefer that I add new bits of the fantasy story in the blog, or just tack it to the end of the fiction page instead. I don’t mind doing it either way, and it does fill space here when I don’t have anything to say particularly, but I thought I’d ask just to see. I’ll try to write a little more tonight if I can. I’m very stressed from the move and am having a very hard time getting into my creative headspace with the change.




Most women continue to experience change in their breast throughout their lives, but it’s not like she’s sitting there swelling up or something.

My aunt was something like a 32G-US when she was 26… kept growing until she was 38. She topped out around a 34HH, though, so it wasn’t like that was rapid growth for most of the time.


I have been a long time reader and enjoy dis idea to meet others in-game with AC:NL
Hope to see you there.
As for the comic, it’d most likely benefit to add the bits of the fantasy story on the fiction page, but leave a small taste of it in the main blog, just to be as a teaser.


I got the last physical copy of the game that wasn’t a preorder reserve at my gamestop, felt fairly lucky. My fruit is pear. This is my first time trying an Animal Crossing game, so I doubt my town will be anything great, I’ll be doing good to really figure out what to do other than grind up money.

Also, if you don’t post the full piece of the fantasy update, is there a way you could divide up it’s page where people can tell where the new begins instead of having to look up and down for it?

I haven’t figured out a way just yet, but I might ask the Hiveworks people if they can help.

Also, my fruit is the pear as well.

I saw that, that’s why I mentioned it being my fruit as well. Though I did manage to get some peaches to plant while I was playing around, so that worked out nicely :) Last night I spent most of my time catching fish.

Really, not knowing what you can or can’t do on a page here, I shouldn’t try making suggestions. I’m personally hopeless with web design, the most I’ve ever work with were proboards site where you set the theme colors, and I was delightfully ill-suited for even that. You could add notations in the text above new parts, but I’m sure that has its downside as far as the look and flow of the text…I should stop talking, lol.

She’s probably referring to the back pain issue that some busty girls have or the fact that most men see her as nothing more than a pair of tits and therefore have trouble taking her seriously.

I kind of like getting the fantasy story with the comic–I never have to hunt for where I left off.

I personally like the fiction with the comic and means I don’t miss anything as comes in together on my RSS feed, without having to find my place each time.

If you do strongly want Fiction section to be primary location, rather than archive/full location, please can you still make sure to mention and direct link to any new sections direct from comic posts, otherwise us readers reading along now during creation may spend more time repeatedly finding our place than reading the new snippet!?

The other one is that, when broken up with the comic, you’ll know better what exact section of the story any comments on the story are relate to.

Is your comment about German linguistics connected to http://www.qwantz.com/index.php?comic=2429 , or are German linguistics truly advanced and internet cartoonists are trying to inform me of it?

As someone who has never played an Animal Crossing game, “Pears are my fruit” is a delightfully absurd sentence.

I don’t read Dinosaur Comics, so the two are unrelated. German has a tendency to have words that express very specific things that are hard to describe in a single English word. Schadenfreude, is a popular example. It means deriving pleasure from the suffering of others, but is slightly different from sadism.

Found you through Questionable Content like two days ago and have worked my way through your archives!! Love love love your comic!! Every character is interesting, complex, and endearing! Also, I have laughed my ass off :P keep it up! :D

Chucking a vote on as an avid reader: I like the story to appear with the comic, both for scrolling reasons and the fact that I don’t need to flick across to other pages regularly.

As always, brilliant work mate,

Hmmm I’m really not sure about the fantasy. I mean I do enjoy the references, but I also really really like the character development. BTW I don’t think Jo should be jealous since if I had my pick I would go with the petite over the BBW, I find that body type more attractive. I guess it’s because its very hard to pull off a good BBW in the real world, fat doesn’t always form just the way you want it to.

What you think is not as important as what she thinks, but noted. Also, if I’ve learned anything from the internet, no matter how a woman looks there are people desperate for her exact type. For men that is not true… Not that you brought it up.

I noticed that too. You know for being the gender who is associated more with sex we really aren’t as picky as woman. Al all.

Those shark buggers are rather elusive. Also, my fruit happens to be the apple.

Monkey’s paw twist indeed. >.<

That’s so odd you said that about sharks. I almost never see them in the other games, but I already caught two kinds in this one. It’s wild.


I’ll gladly offer my fruit bounty to any visitors- I think I’ll have everything but persimmons and pears grown in a few days. And I can wholeheartedly agree with the idea of Animal Crossing as a sort of therapy… somehow, putting a tiny world in order makes it easier to do the same in the real world. That, or I end up so engrossed in it that I forget to do real world things. 50/50 chance of either one, in my experience.

Longtime reader, first time actually commenting… my friend code is 4656-5921-7195. My fruit is oranges, and anyone is welcome to add me! And as for the comic, I do empathize with Carol, especially on the jealousy bit. Some people really do just bloom later than others. :\

Anyway, keep it up, on both the fantasy and comic front! You’re fantastic. c:

Leave it to friend code exchange to finally draw me into the comments. Love the comic. And I’m always down for more towns to visit.

3437-3186-8339. Native fruit is Apples, but I’ve got pears, peaches, oranges, cherries, bananas, coconuts, mangoes, lychee, and durians in various stages of growth.

My friend code is 004430589321 the name on my DS is Ishy . I didn’t think you could add friends without the name?

I actually am headed to pick up the new Animal Crossing today. But I’ll be catching up quickly with the next several days off of work. Wooh!

Something that appears mixed up and confused, but may or may not still have an inner logic to it. The word can describe a hodgepodge or a mess, it can describe actions like people running hither and tither, and it can even describe a confused, disoriented feeling.
German language technology.

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