1910 Mr Clean.

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Today I spent some time reorganizing all the discord channels into little groups. I like a clean menu for stuff like that, but having lots of specific channels makes it hard to sort out. I think I have everything sorted to expedite conversation now.. and porn finding.

It’s weird to draw classic Thomas hair for a change. I’ve gotten very used to his swept forward look, but I wanted a visual representation of him hurriedly coming back to the store. I always hesitate to change hair since time flows so slowly in the comic it’s a big commitment. I only do it when I’m sure I want to or if I know I can back out of it with a scene change.


“Innuendo clean-up in Romance”.

Oh my

Terrible ain’t it — big ole wet spot just came out of nowhere …

There’s nothing in the world, like excellent, “co-worker relations”.

“So are you both squeaky clean now?”

“Oh, she’s pretty squeaky for sure.”

You sir or madam have come close to owing me a new monitor.
Fortunately the coffee didn’t get into any of the sparky bits.
I know, I know, Don’t drink and Read the comments section.

Thomas, ol’chap, I say! I am in awe of your savoir-faire, your wit is exemplary!

I say, Jackie, ol’chap, I am in awe of your wit and drawing skills, as you have “drawn me” into your nefarious plot line, replete with emotional attachment to yer characters.

With the hairstyle that she’s wearing today, [to me…], Nina is sporting a Gadget Hackwrench type of look.
That’s a compliment. I’m a fan of Gadget Hackwrench. ;)

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