1089 Empathy.

I hardly slept at all for the last couple of days and it kind of caught up to me about 4 hours before the comic went up. So I didn’t write anything to put here. I promise I’ll write something and post a link for you all who were looking forward to more fantasy adventure. Deal? Okay. See you again in a few hours.




Get your rest in. I’ve been a behind the scenes reader since day one. We all really appreciate your work and support you

So at the age of 18, Carol went from A to J… cup that is.

It’s actually hard to pin down something like exact letter sizing with the various counting ways, and her being fictional. She’s around a G or H according to women I asked for a ruling. Those being based on American sizing.

This is probably going to turn into one of those “I wish I had what you have” things, which is fine.

There are advantages and disadvantages to all body types. Even height is overrated. Not enough legroom in back seats, it’s hard to find clothes that fit, you’re always banging your head on stuff, not enough legroom in FRONT seats, animals are afraid of you, you need more Novocaine at the dentist, not enough legroom on airplanes, you can’t fit into sports cars, children stare at you, not enough headroom anywhere…

If you hang around airplanes for long, it doesn’t take long to wish you were much shorter.

I’ve been working with a Cessna 172, and I’ve already walked into the sharp side of the wing too many times. I hit my head so hard one time I heard the plane cuss at me.

Being overly short is just as inconvenient as being overly tall. I am 5’1″ on a good day, and while unlike other women in my family, I am proportional, it doesn’t change the fact that I can’t reach things in high places, that people literally overlook me from time to time when waiting in lines or for help in stores, or that no clothing ever fits properly because I am apparently too short for being petite. I’ve never flown, but I have been told I probably couldn’t reach the overhead bins.

Advantages, however…Hm…I fit into tight places, which can be useful when sniping people in lasertag. Yes, I get more legroom, though even that is almost a problem(If my legs were any shorter I couldn’t drive my miata). I don’t have any advantage on the novocaine thing because I’m apparently fairly resistant to it’s affect and my dentist always has to shoot me multiple times and reup if I’m having any real work done.

I’d settle for average height…heck, even just another inch or two would be helpful, but the only way I’ve grown since age 12 is the same way Carol grew at 18….

I’m sure being short does have it’s disadvantages. That’s why I said “even height is overrated”, because while while hardly anyone wants to be short (unless you’re a gymnast or something, I guess), people rarely stop to consider what might come with being even a couple inches above average.

I know a young woman who is 5′ 1″ and one of the things she encounters is being mistaken for a little kid. When she was 23 she was once asked if she was flying “unaccompanied”. She was NOT amused. Now she is 29 and when she is out and about with her 3 year old toddler she gets asked if she is babysitting…

The taller you are, the harder it is on your knees and your back. When people ask me why I wish I was shorter, I claim medical reasons.

While this is true, some of this back trouble from being tall can be avoided by properly engaging your core muscles when you should, or conversely exacerbated by not engaging your core muscles.

I stated that both ways because I don’t know which side of that coin anyone but me is on. Up until I was 45, I was on the side that didn’t engage my core muscles, and then reaped the ‘rewards’ for it for a year and a half. Older but wiser now I say, “Sure, lift with your knees, but still engage the back muscles!”

You have talent. One cannot expect you to perform at your peak constantly. Therefore, the current situation is completely acceptable.

Also, regarding the comic . . . Jealousy will get you nowhere.

Dammit, I finished the archive! Now I’ve got to wait for updates like the rest of the unwashed masses!

I like your art, but your characters and dialogue are what have really pulled me in. Thanks!

As a busty girl, I am always acutely aware of how a flatter girl feels about her boobs when I am talking about mine. I wish Carol would think of Jo’s feelings here a little more :( I mean, if Jo was given to confidence like Carol and Nina, that’d be one thing, but Carol’s basically like “Thank God I didn’t stay flat-chested forever! That would have basically sucked.” Anyway, I’m not criticizing the writing, because I imagine this is sort of just Carol’s personality; she did say her mother raised the girls to be confident. I’m just cringing watching the conversation >-<

Have a little faith in our girl here. She’s not done talking yet.

Growing up in a family of typically busty women I think Carol had some expectations about what puberty was going to be like. I certainly don’t think she framed her statements in a way that was particularly negative towards the less busty. Her statement displays her rivalry with her sister much more.

Technically, she sympathizes. Sympathizing is when you can relate; empathizing is when you can feel what someone else is feeling. What Jo seems to be doing is remembering how she has felt and relating that to the story Carol is telling. Empathizing is immensely more difficult to do.
Just thought I’d spread the know.

Dude, I just started reading a day ago, and I got so into this comic that I think I spent more time on it then any other comic yet, you’re a great artist, get some rest, all your work is so crazily appreciated here.

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