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I always thought it was kind of a shame that Carol’s backstory took so long to get around to. Not that this conversation encompasses all of it, but it’s certainly more, and more in depth than anything I can remember revealing so far. She’s hinted at this time in her life before, but I didn’t want her explanation to deteriorate into something overtly sexual, and the fact of the matter is that with Thomas it would have. Also, the girl talk with Jo gives me a chance to reveal some more about her. Puberty scars us all to one degree or another. That stuff can really stick with you, and how you turn out certainly does.

I had a lot of embarrassing conversations with a lot of girls in my attempt to make this conversation sound natural and the stories sound real. Stuff like this can go sadly awry, really easily. I wanted to make certain that didn’t happen. With Carol her boobs are always the elephants in the room. Which is true for any busty girl. It’s going to affect how she grew up, how she reacts to the world, how the world reacts to her. I think I’ve done an okay job of making her bust a part of her and not her a face stuck to some boobs.

Jo, of course, is at the other end of that spectrum. So she’s had a reverse experience, which is important too.

Anyway, I’ll let them do the talking. There’s a tornado on the ground up north, so I’m gonna make sure things are prepared, just in case.

Little story bit for you.

It suddenly occurred to Julius that Regalius was likely the one who saddled him with the useless magical map. He considered letting him fall back down again, but his better nature won out. As Julius helped Regalius to his feet he became aware of another presence in camp. How long she’d been there, was unclear, but no one seemed to have noticed in the commotion.

The silent figure was apparently taking in the scene, arms crossed under her dirty white robes, features obscured by her hood. Once Regalius was righted he took notice of her too.

“Commander!” He sputtered. “That was-”

“Typical.” She said, cutting him off. “Once we’re down that hole that sort of nonsense will not be a luxury we will have.” An arm flipped open one side of her cloak and took hold of a truly impressive mace. Except it appeared as though her arms were still folded across her front. His brain did the math and Julius gaped in spite of himself. If she took any notice there was no sign of it. The remarkably busty cleric simply tossed her weapon down, casually, next to one of their makeshift seats. Once settled she removed her hood and surveyed the campsite.
She was redheaded, and said hair was cut in a boyish fashion. It was rebelling somewhat here and there, but overall the look suited her face perfectly. It was a face he recognized, but he could hardly believe it. He’d seen it on posters. In fact, he’d seen most of her, in various stirring images, all over the country, but he’d always assumed they were exaggerations. Two places in particular, but in actuality she lived up to those images and then some. He was completely unable to regain control of his face.
Eventually her gaze lit upon him. She raised an eyebrow and cocked her head, as if she expected him to give her a report.

“You’re… the hammer of god!” Was all he managed to blurt out. Her eyes moved past him and on to Regalius.

“He’s a quick one.” She intoned pleasantly. “Where’d you find him?”

“He came very highly recommended!” Regalius said, sounding accused. “The best in his guild by all accounts!’

Julius looked to Niona for support, but she was completely unmoved by the revelation that the commander of the entire land’s military was just sitting there. Niona looked up from her pan briefly.

“Want some lunch, Alina?” Alina nodded and let herself slide onto the soft ground. Once she was settled again she looked back to Julius, who had placed him self under the shade, and possible protection, of Dew Beam.

“You gonna tell me your name?” Asked Alina. “You already know mine apparently.”

It was true. Practically everyone in the country and almost everyone in all the other knew about Alina Redgrave. The youngest commander ever to lead the army and only the third female to do so.



I’ve been lurking around your comic for sometime following the wonderful story and the great art style that you have. I really enjoy the comic and I check every day to see for updates. I’ve been following QC forever, though I found you through stumbleupon sometime ago. I’ve enjoyed your stuff and i hope you continue for a long time. You one of the two comics I bother to check every day

Thank You for your hard work,

A huge fan.

Alina Redgrave = Carol Graves?

And Regalius is Reggie, right?

I’m sorry, this story is just too amazing.

After I read the story, I read it again and pretend that it’s the characters from the comic playing D&D, and that is awesome, too.

Is Jo wearing an assassins creed hoodie or am I just seeing it?

I think Jo would take that as a compliment before blushing and disappearing mysteriously.

It just looks similar because I made the hood part white. I’m actually unfamiliar with the franchise apart from box art and some articles I’ve read.

You really should check it out. Aside from Mass Effect Assassin’s Creed is one of my favorite franchises. Brotherhood was kinda meh (at least compared to it’s parent game- Assassin’s Creed 2), and I never got around to Revelations or the third, but it’s a magnificent series and you can get them pretty cheap these days if you buy the PCD version.

Totally with AsimovSideburns here. Didn’t make any connection between the story and the comic until this last segment. Nicely done, now the image I had of the characters is being overwritten by the comic versions, for good or ill. :)

If the ladies keep on their current conversation topic and don’t talk about Thomas, this might even pass the Bechdel test :D Which would be cool. (It’s possible the comic as a whole has passed the Bechdel test before, I just don’t remember and don’t want to go through all the archives again, haha)

The Bedchel test is rather retarded as many things pass it while still being wholly offensive. and things that don’t pass are amazing. It’s just be better to use the “do I like this” test. If yes. Keep reading.

Exactly. Twilight passes the Bechdel test, but there are certainly a lot of people out there who don’t enjoy it.

The way I hear it, the Bechdel Test was originally thought up as a joke. I suspect feminist frequency popularized it, but that’s only because that’s who I heard about it from.

The story you just heard is true, but might contain inaccuracies.

I’m funny about webcomics. Superficial things, like Carol’s boobs, can get me to check a comic out.

I stay only if the story’s good.

You shouldn’t feel sorry for not doing a characters back story sooner, its your webcomic and as such its up to you to decide on its pacing and when to reveal things. anyways just my 2cents.

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