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As I was saying earlier, I checked out my old Pokemon games the other day. It was like looking into some kind of time warp. The stadium titles still have their hall of fame records intact. It was really strange to look back over the images of my original favorite pokemon. Just by remembering the names I could see that younger me must have been a total tool. To my credit, I never used any names from Dragonball Z. I did, however, use some from other popular anime of the day, and Final Fantasy 7. I know… I was embarrassed for young me too. I did use some of the old names for my dream team when the GBA remakes came out, for the record.


….In Pokemon Pearl I chose the girl character and named her Kanami after a character from an anime. I chose the female trainer because the male one looks a little to gay for my tastes. One of my pokemon was named Gettscythe after the Getter Scythe from Shin Getter Robo. I still use random anime and video game character names for various games I play.

Lol all that may be true, but at least my characters are named after badasses!


Crave: I started naming all my Pokemon after Transformers when I got the G1 character guides.

I don’t see what’s so gay about the male poke trainer… He has such a jaunty cap.

I know it’s very unpopular to like anime right now, but I still like the old, over the top, screaming every two seconds, animes.

I named every single one of my main Pokemon after Dragonball characters, except for my Mewtwo (Cloud) and my Charizard (Norbert). This truth is slightly less embarrassing knowing that I wasn’t the only one who found themselves uninspired when naming their team, though I still blush for the me from 11 years ago.

Kinda glad to have that off my chest.

I’ve been reading through the archives this evening(morning, technicality), as I was just introduced to this (awesome) comic. I’m fainlly commenting because you’re talking about Pokemon.

My old GBA games have all lost their batteries, I’ve also debated trying to replace a battery. I have two copies of Red to try it with :P

And whats with all this naming. Am I like, the only person that didn’t nickname his pokemon? I have recently, but only humorously as they’re collectors in my Pearl game. I have the three started from Ruby/Sapphire named after LoZ characters, either RB or GS are named after Bibilical beats… << I’m insane.

I name mine as a joke on their specie’s name, a gangster version of their name, or a character from H. P. Lovecraft novels. (the dude who made up Cthulhu and the Necronomicon.

…… My webname… the very one you see here…. was originally a Sandshrew in a Pokémon Red cartridge (and then became a Sandslash)…

I named myself what I had first named a Pokémon.
Why? Because it sounded cool.
But you’d need to have watched the old Dime Bar adverts with Harry Enfield to really understand.

No, you’re on a quest with him to rescue some hobbits from Isengard, pretty boy. Ed’s too tough and muscly to be a hobbit and Tom’s obviously a jaded version of Strider, what with the way he’s always leading…

I name most of my pokemon in the main games, and some in pokemon go, at least if I got one I fancy for given mon, if not they gotta wait their turn.

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