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The other day I broke out my N64, Pokemon Stadium 1 & 2, and my old Gameboy Pokemon games, just to see if the old save files were intact. The files saved to the N64 paks and red, blue, & yellow were still there. The gold, silver, & crystal files were gone. The batteries in those paks had died. Most of my old super team died with them. Potentially I could restore them with an old file copy device I may still have, but the paks can’t maintain a save file long enough to transfer the critters anymore. Not that I need, or want, to do that. I kind of want to see if I can crack open one of the Pokemon paks and replace the battery. I don’t know what kind of screwdriver I would need, or where to find one. I know they exist. I’ve seen them, but never owned one. I mean, I’ve moved on to the new Pokemon games. I don’t need to do any of that. I just think it would be fun to tinker with.


This is kinda dragging on… But not a wasted effort

Crave: All I can do is my best. I’m sorry if that’s not good enough.

sorry, that was my consience, we’re a little looney. But seriously, I LOVE your style. It’s like Anime and Marvel had a baby or something.

Marvel! I’m a big Marvel fan. I must also agree to the loving of your rather unique style, a blend of styles might be a better description. It is nice.

I know this is commenting on something way out of date, but I have just now found your comic and am reading the archives. It is possible to replace the batteries on your old game packs, all you need its the tri-force screwdriver. (sorry, that is what we called it at the game store I worked at in Spokane Valley, Wa, due to its three prong design) No, you need not quest in a dungeon to get it, I think you can order them from Nintendo, though you might have to be a game store or something to get them. *Shrugs* Hope it helps, is read, and not to late.

I don’t know if this is in any way relevant anymore, but if I recall correctly, Nintendo used mostly tri-prong philips screws on their game cartriges. You can buy a set of security heads for a swapable tip screwdriver that includes those as well as security versions of torx and hex and slot heads. I think I got one from my local hardware store for like $20-ish, and it’s helped me out many times. A couple of other things you can do when you don’t have the proper screwdriver head for something (I’ve done both of these in the past):
1. Buy a screwdriver blank or one that’s somewhat larger in most dimensions than what you need and then use files and/or a dremel to trim it to the right shape.
2. Throw a dab of flux onto the screw’s head and solder on a temporary handle. You have to be careful not to melt the plastic that the screw is in, lest you permanently fuse the shell together. That would be counter-productive. Use the lowest temp solder available with a hotter soldering iron and apply heat for as short a time as you can.

If you don’t have a soldering iron, you probably shouldn’t take apart your game cartridge, as you’ll need one to properly remove the old battery. Another option is to get a writable game cartridge and flash a copy of the game onto it, But I consider that to be an ugly solution.

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