287 Peacemaker.

I’ve been playing Wii Sports recently to help me unwind. I started with bowling and have moved on to baseball. I even made enough Miis to have my own team. I’ve never been able to hold a baseball bat properly while still being able to hit anything, so I hit like a one armed man, or at least how I imagine one would.   Are there any one armed people in baseball?  If there are, I want a baseball card of them…  and some of that chalky gum that used to come in card packs.  I also made a Mii of Ed for boxing.  I didn’t give him an angry face though, so he looks kind of indiferent to the beatings he dishes out. 


Oh yeah! That reminds me! We need to become Wii Buddies.

Here’s my Wii Friends code


I’ll give you my Brawl code later.

You already have my Wii information. I just don’t play online as often as I should. It’s sort of sad.

Crave: I’m pretty sure I added you on Brawl, but I don’t play online much. It’s so laggy it’s no fun.

I don’t know, Ed seems kind of indifferent to everything to me.

Crave: Like many people, he’s aflicted by the ennui of modern life.

I know this page is about 800 days old, but I have a shiny nickel that says Carol is in her office with no bra on, even as these guys argue.

There were 3 world war II aces who had no legs, apparently plane crashes can be dangerous…
Anyway, it made them better fliers since they were less susceptible to G-forces (with no legs, blood can’t pool in your legs, go figure!)

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