286 Something Special.

First of all, happy Cinco De Mayo.  Secondly, Cinco De Mayo makes me think “the 5th of mayonaise”.  I don’t think a 5th of mayonaise would be very good.  I had a burger from Carl’s Jr. that had a lot of mayo on it.  It was the most Mayo I had seen in one place in many, many, years.  I hadn’t eaten at a Carl’s Jr. in, like, ten years, so I didn’t really remember what to expect.  It wasn’t a 5th of mayo, that’s for sure. 


I like how piratic Nina looks. I keep wanting her to say, “Yarr.” :D

Crave: She’s making piracy sexy, like computers do.

A 5th of Mayo would be too little an amount to enjoy the “mayoness” of said mayo.

Crave: Are you sure? A 5th seems like an awful lot to me.

……. double B-J

Joking, but that’s definitely something special.

Crave: There’s a drive-in diner near where I live called BJ’s. I always wonder if people get the wrong idea the first time they see the sign.

Now that can only be described as “slathered”. That sandwhich came “slathered” in mayonaise :P. I really like Nina’s hat…I wants it <3

Crave: If only I could convince a hatter to create such a thing…

I hope Brooksie doesn’t turn out to have had an abusive family. The way she acts reflects that of a kid that craves protection, attention and love. If that’s not the case (which I hope it’s not) then it’s sort of cute in a strange way.

Oh, wow. I haven’t heard the name Carl’s Jr. in a while… So I suppose you live nearer the west coast? It’s called Hardee’s on the East.

If you need a 5th of mayo, let me recommend Just Mayo? I personally feel it´s not overpowering as quickly. All the goodness of mayo, without the heaviness. (Just to be clear about this, it´s a brand of vegan mayo, so there aren’t actually eggs in it. But unlike Vegannaise, it actually tastes like mayonnaise, without any aftertaste that I can detect.)

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