285 A Form Of Huffing.

I used to collect Star Wars figures.  I found the smell of the drying paint and vinyl quite intoxicating, as did some of my contemporaries.  After a while we realized that our desire to sniff new action figures was a mild for of huffing.  The smell of freshly opened toy gives a feeling of euphoria to a lot of collectors.  It doesn’t make it less weird, but at least a person can find some small comfort in knowing they aren’t alone in their weirdness.


Whats really fun is if you paint miniatures but fail to notice the proper ventilation warning on the can of primer ^^;

Also, as Nina smells like candy I can see where her clothes would have such an affect on small forest creatures like Brook.

Hehe. I’ve got a few friends like that. I remember the one day where me and my brother sat down and decided what all the people we worked with smelled like. We came up with some interesting smells.

lol, I personally like the smell of new books. Mmm, ink and paper…

Crave: Freshly sharpened pencils… Oh yeah.

@ viuey_visarelli: mmm books. old books are better.

i also like the smell of my new ipod. IT SMELLS NEW. new electronics smell good…..

Crave: I feel slighted. My iPod didn’t smell like anything… Maybe because it’s a little one.

Smells are nice ^.^ Pencil smell good, but gasoline makes me feel dizzy, nauseas. Like I’m gunna pass out. I like the smell of bacon, new stuff, letters and picking out the different smells of other peoples family and houses.

Love Brooksie’s eye in the first one. Looks so bright and lively.
I love smelling things too, like new books. First thing I do with a new book is open it to the middle, stuff my nose in it, and take a deep breath. Same with CDs, I remove the little book/cover thingy, open it and smell. The sense of smell is a very powerful sense indeed.

I love the smell of a freshly broken Microsoft Seal on an XBox 360 case… and for that matter the smell of brand new instruction manual…. o_o …
Usually while I’m coming home from GAME with new purchases, I open them up to sniff the manuals….. on the bus…. in front of everyone.

one of my friends smells like pine for some odd reason, books that are 8 or more years old smell like nutmeg, and random items smell like random

Sadly, she (or any number of her coworkers) would then have to hit you both, seeing as you forgot to huff her shirt when she WASN’T wearing it. The only question at that point is if it was worth it (correct answer is yes).

Ditto, Randomtwitch… though i find the smell of the factory fresh plastic of the game case comforting personally.

Smells to experience at least once:
New Anything (car, magic cards, books, etc)
Ground up nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon and orange rind (especially if congested)
+20 cm of fresh snow
Piled autumn leaves
The inside of a Best Buy store (for techonophiles especiailly)

My ex-girlfriend always liked to hang on to one of my hoodies (I have… many) because she liked the me-smell.

As for things I like, the smell of new books, freshly cracked packs of Magic cards, the smell of tubes of M&Ms minis… Mmm.

You all do mean Magic the Gathering cards, right? If that is the case you should visit Grayville sometime. My brother-in-law, brother, and I would really like some new challengers.

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