I find it odd that the only thing in your shop is stuff with that Athena pic on it. Hmm….
I miss our back and forthy type of comments. Come back to us! ;_;

Crave: I really didn’t think anyone would want merch at this point. I’m gonna put more stuff in it when I get a chance. I hate to just shove product down people’s throats though.

Look, I figured out I can edit people’s comments, so I can reply directly if I want.

That pouty look in the middle panel Brooksie has is so damn adorable it almost made my head explode.


… You know, if that was a word… Would it be longer than

Antidisestablishmentarianism? It would, wouldn’t it? But it’s not a word… Damn it… I like long words.

At the very least, Brooksie seems to be a lesbian. And if Nina turns out to be Bi or, even better, both of them…

Then this explains why Ed’s luck is so horrible. All his good luck is wrapped up in a pair of hotties out to jump his bones… And who might not mind sharing him.

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