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Okay, first of all, if the reader who set up the wiki for Between Failures is still reading, get in touch with me. I can’t remember your username and I’ve got some other users who want to add to it. Since it’s been basically abandoned for years I assume you don’t mind other people contributing to it at this point. I thought I had your contact info on Twitter, but since Musk took over the messaging system is total chaos on my account. I can’t remember if I ever had a login for it myself. If so I’ve forgotten it. This is probably a long shot but I figured I’d give it a try before finding something else.

What else? Fuck. I can’t think of the other thing. I should have written it down when I thought of it. Well, I guess if it comes to me before Wednesday I’ll post it then.

I suppose I should do the Patreon/Subscribestar pitch. If you enjoy my work please consider supporting it via the links above.

I’m sure there was something else but I probably won’t remember until 3 AM when everyone’s asleep except me. Guess we’ll sort it out on Wednesday. Later taters.


Conflicted by liking the idea of two guys chasing her. Or possibly losing an option.

She probably didn’t realize she still had feelings for John, and now, her friend and her other love interest’s sister likes John. Kinda awkward.

Aren’t Alex and Reggie official now? Or is she just surprised at Vicky seeing John in a different way than she does? Side note: Yes! We were right! We were right! Anyone who ships Vicky and John may rejoice! Don’t know where this will end up, but I’m liking this.

She still has feelings for John, and John is in love with her. Too bad Reggie doesn’t like John or seems to be willing to share Alex. Then again, he might be weirded out by his sister liking John.

Well, I can’t imagine any of them would really care to share. :p

Pinkk, I just want to remind you that their first group interaction was in a Furry Group. I just don’t want to jump to conclusions or predict anything but those are typically VERY open minded groups.

I think it’s just a short sting of the finality of when Vicky and John would end up together. She’s the one who chose Reggie over John, but still it can hurt a little if the choice was between two differences rather than more or less attraction.

I can see Reggie flipping out if John ends up with his sister, twisting it into some petty revenge on John’s part for “taking away” Alex. We know John’s not like that, but Reggie has a way of seeing things not quite as..objectively as he could.

As for this page, I think it’s kinda..cute that Alex is jealous! She made her choice, but it can still sting a little when your suitor moves on.

If he does, it’d be a little ironic if you think about it. I’m sure Victoria would be all too happy to remind Reggie that he was the one to ask John to give her a ride home which is when she saw the introspective side of John she’s drawn to. So basically if they get together, it’ll kinda be Reggie’s fault.

Fingers crossed for Victoria and John. They are two of my favorite characters and I’d like to see their dynamic together explored. Regardless of where it goes, I can’t wait to see the upcoming pages.

Ah, what a tangled web the heartstrings make. If only all could be as Jo wills, with cake enough for all to make everyone sick.

I am enjoying how different this conversation is v. the one between Alex and Maddie (over Rwggie).

And now I have to reread that (1471 starts it) just to marvel at the characterization.

Also neat: Alex saying “John, introspective?” here flashes back to how Victoria asked “You’re talking about my brother?” when Alex described Reggie.

To be fair, Reggie would probably have problems with his sister seeing John. John does have a “reputation” we must recall. Even if we know he’s gotten better, would Reggie believe just his word?

OOH suddenly the plot thickens. I like how much this complicates the plot, and means more Vicky xD man John and Reggie though. I really wonder what the chances of a polycule are, I’ve yet to see that genuinely attempted in a functional healthy way in any form of media.


(suffice to say I am very excited about this development)

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