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If you are a patreon supporter, and don’t regularly check your pledge, you might want to check on it if you usually just let it ride. Patreon is screwing up payments all over the place this month. They were down at one point earlier today but I think they have things under control again. At least in so far as they ever have things under control.

It really seems like Wednesday got here abnormally fast. I feel like I missed Monday somehow. I also never thought of whatever thing I thought I needed to say. I’ve been thinking about getting a bigger drawscreen to work on. Like a really big one. the biggest one I can get. I really like my Surface but I feel like if I could just draw in a big open space, like in the olden days of paper, I could do better, more, and faster. It’s probably just a fantasy brought on by my bipolar thinking, but still. Drawing is the bulk of my existence so spending money on tools isn’t a bad plan generally. I probably won’t actually do anything, but maybe I will. Do any of you also computer art? Do you have purchasing advice? Give it unto me. Place it in my mouth…


Sorry, no tech advice from me. I’m a newbie, only started learning digital drawing, so a Cintiq (with its rather tight leash to my laptop) works okay for my occasional use.
What I really came here to comment upon was Victoria’s attitude in that last panel, so like her twin’s. She might be horrified to hear that, but that’s 100% Reggie coming out of her mouth.

as someone of John’s “sex” why be mature? immature is so much more fun DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH DISPOSABLE INCOME I HAVE TO SPEND ON CHILDHOOD STUFF?

in all seriusness i think being really “mature” is knowing when to be serius and when to just relax

For digital drawing, if you feel like your current set of equipment is no longer comfortable, definitely consider an upgrade of some kind.

The big thing is just being aware of how exactly you’re using your body, and how you get the best results. At the very least, you want to give yourself the ability to use larger, looser motions so that you can get in a little more healthy movement when you’re using your drawing hardware.

I for my own part use an ancient Cintiq 13HD, with about a third of the screen taken up with non-drawing UI elements, but it gives me just enough space to use both wider drawing motions as well as any detailed work I care to do.

At the very least, a larger draw screen will give you more room to make sensible arrangements of your UI elements and make your drawing area make a little more clean sense.

When Alex deems somebody the ‘smart one’ of a group I believe her.

That said, John, self-styled ladies’ man, was on the ball telling Thomas “You’re good for Carol and she’s good for you, and all your best traits are support traits”. Not all his emotional intelligence is on display all the time–he keeps a bit in reserve.

In all fairness to Alex, it wasn’t so long ago that John intimated that he had feelings for her…. AFTER she gave up pursuing him because she met someone who showed interest very quickly. His interest only came about because she showed hers to someone else.

She doesn’t hold it against him, but those actions don’t speak to a great deal of emotional maturity and awareness.

I had a cintiq 12WX, but I found it too small for me. I currently have a Huion with a 19.5-inch screen, it is 4 years old and no longer available. I looked at bigger ones, but much over 20 inches I found to be cumbersome and heavy. I am not up on current technology, but the latest generation have very nice screens in terms of resolution and features, and prices have come way down. Wacom is the state of the art, but are very expensive. XP_Pen and Huion I consider pretty good, I don’t know about the other current brands, and a lot of them are the same thing with different packaging. If you are looking at an integrating drawing unit, rather than a discrete unit you plug into a computer, I can’t help much there, the only one I know of is the Wacom Mobile Studio pro 16, it is a good unit, but it is expensive.

Monday was a federal holiday and thus existed in a parallel dimension not normally accessible by normies such as yourself. It explains why you pretty much jumped straight to Wednesday.

I’ll say it again, I REALLY hope things go well for Victoria and John. Yeah, he might still be feeling cruddy about his failure with Alex, but first loves aren’t necessarily last loves. Just look at Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson (when meddling executives and hackneyed writers aren’t coming up with increasingly ridiculous convoluted ways to keep them apart).

Gotta say, respect to Alex for bringing up John’s good traits while still being honest about his flaws.

I still mourn Gwen Stacey.

That’s fair. But realistically speaking, if she had lived, chances are she and Peter wouldn’t have worked out anyway given her intense hatred of Spider-Man. There’s no way she would’ve reacted well if she had found out. I know the Peter/Gwen ship still has a lot of fans, but in my honest opinion, the relationship was much more shallow than Pete’s eventual relationship with MJ.

If emotional maturity is defined as how well you are able to respond to situations, control your emotions and behave in an adult manner when dealing with others, I would say John is actually one of if not the most emotionally mature members of the whole cast and the scene where he drives Victoria home his emotional maturity, or in her words, his introspection, was what was most on display. He calmly described how something that was his space got invaded by someone he doesn’t particularly like (Reggie) who also happened to win the girl (Alex). John has his flaws, but saying that he is less emotionally mature than a closeted furry with mommy issues is a bit of a stretch.

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