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As you can see the site upgrade has happened.  It was much less stressful than normal, for me anyway, because Fes of The Webcomic Beacon did all of it for me.  I highly recommend letting someone else take responsibility for complex things you’d like to do.  It’s much better than the alternative.   XD  Anyway, you can follow the link in the footer to see all of his projects, and there are many, or use the link I’ve cleverly hidden in this text.  All his stuff is connected together, so you can get to any of them from a central location.  I certainly appreciate all his help and hard work, AND YOU SHOULD TOO!

Everything seems to be working properly now.  If you find any bugs be sure to let me know and I’ll do what I can to fix it.

I got some more fanart a while back but totally forgot to show it off.  Here it is, some delicious Carol action.  It was presented to me by a fellow comic/Pokemon fan.  You can pester him on his twitter.


Hrmmm…wait…is Reggy putting his shirt in a MICROWAVE?! Holy. Shit. For some reason, I don’t expect this to end well…

Omg just realized he’s putting his shirt in the microwave, ur right, can’t end well. For Reggie anyway!!! xD

This will most likely turn into a reenactment of the “Flaming Display” accident. I predict Reggie will pull the burning shirt out while talking to Ed, realize it’s on fire, and fling it into a display while panicking over it being on fire.

Whether or not his shirt goes up in flames, that’s still a good way to make sure the blood won’t be coming out…

Also, to comment on the new version of the site, the only thing I don’t like so far is the font, and how some of the letters (Particularly the letter “s”) look like they’re in italics.

Reggie is damn funny sometimes… but I know the microwave thing won’t end well.
Leaves me wondering whether he is actually smart, or actually quite dumb…. or maybe like some special kind of halfer where he can match wits just fine but has no practical understanding of things.

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