353 Kryptonite Ring.

Okay, here’s the new thing.  You know how people combine the names of famous couples into one name?  From here on in we’re doing it with the presidential candidates too.  So now it is officially McCalin VS. Obiden.  I’ve tried some other permutations of the combinations, but I think these work best.  They feel right to me. 

As long as I’m at it, here are the official combinations for the losing parties:






Oddly enough, I was thinking how I combined my friends/roommates names together to refer to us:
Daina + Elaine = Delaina
Rebecca + Elissa = Rebelissa (prob. my fav)
Megan + Ashley = Mega-ashley (2nd fav)

I laughed when Bambi’s mother died.
I also laughed at Schindler’s List… but that was mostly because Andrew Buckley told me he would kill me if I did…. and the Giggle-Loop cut in… and once you know about the Giggle-Loop, you become part of the Giggle-Loop.

So anyway… it is fun when cartoon characters die.

Heh heh heh, this dialogue almosts remind me of VERY similar conversations I’ve had with my best friend Anna ^____^

I’ll admit it. When I first saw Bambi, by the end, I was crying quite a bit and my heart ached quite a bit.

Damnit bro. U nevah mention that movie scene to anyone! That was touching to all! Tell her to be wise in her fights yes, but let her have this moment

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