352 Axis & Allies.

This isn’t going to make any sense to most people, but I noticed that the design for Transformers Animated Snarl is like a combination of the characters Slag & Snarl from G1.  After this occured to me I felt a lot better about Animated Snarl not being named Slag.  I realize that the entire line of thought is silly, but these are the kinds of things that bother me, so there you go…


You know, I’m genuinely surprised. You know that Ryan Estrada fellow’s done guest comics for like.. five different webcomics this morning? Why the hell didn’t he do one for you?

…bah, nevermind. Brooksie’s still brilliant, is she based on anyone you know? She’s got a sort of casual, unwitting cuteness about her.

I guess Ryan Estrada just overlooked my guest comic this time. On the up side, I will soon have a guest comic drawn by Erik Estrada. Finally I’ll get to have my CHiPs crossover special.

Also, I’ve known several “Brooksies” over the years. She’s a bit of them all mixed up with other stuff I came up with.

The cuteness is overwhelming me, I can’t even look for more then a few seconds or I’ll pass out. Wait… is that… her bra strap!? *Faints*

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so out of curiosity, do you have to watch a bunch of movies and write down quotes whenever you have to figure out what Brooksie is gonna say?

haven’t been through the archives. I forgot we had foreshadowing of reggies verbal barbs even back here. Reggie is a beast when it comes to hitting home

“I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.”

As she would likely have said if this had taken place post-2018. ^_^

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