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Hamlet, no better source for comedy…

What am I thinking?  That’s from Macbeth…

I wonder how many people would have known any better…?

It might have been a couple of weeks ago now, I’m not sure, but it seemed like a lot of people were thinking about Mister Rogers Neighborhood. I guess it was right around when page 339 Won’t You Be Mine was posted, now that I think on it. Anyway, it just seemed like I kept hearing people mention Fred Rogers. First there was my page, then he came up on Webcomics Weekly, then his biography was on television, and he just kept creeping into my life for, like, a couple weeks. Maybe it was the anniversary of his death. Maybe it was something else that caused him to come to the front of people’s minds. I’m not sure. In any event it made me realize that a lot of people who grew up with Mr. Rogers are in, or approaching, their thirties now. I wonder if maybe they are starting to long for that make believe neighborhood he presented us with all those years ago.

Being kind to other people is probably never going to be popular. It’s not funny, it doesn’t sell, and, above all, it isn’t easy. It’s so much easier to to be a dick; building yourself up by knocking other people down. All your friends laugh, and for a little while you’re the grand marshal of the fucker parade. Problems get solved so much faster when you go nuts at a service counter. It’s seductive. Be a dick now, get what you want now… The problem is that the evil we do to others cascades away from us, doing more harm exponentially as it arcs away. Eventually it hits an edge and rebounds back at us. When it finally gets back you’re almost always left to face it alone. It took me a long time to learn that…

It’s not easy being a “good neighbor”, and people still come along to kick my ass, and rain on my parade, but now I understand that every positive action helps disrupt the ripples of the negative. You have to be the change you want to see in the world, and I want more good neighbors, so I’ve started by trying to be one myself.


I love Macbeth. Isn’t that quote from Banquo, or maybe it was the Three Wyrd Sisters. I don’t quite remember. Either way, Shakespeare is awesome.

Screw Shakespeare . . . now, THIS is poetry:

“. . . and for a little while, you’re the grand marshal of the fucker parade.”

*sigh* Seems appropriate for a Monday morning . . .

Kudos, J.T.

— Doug

Did you ever read any of my Polite Police blogs? I started a one man war against people being assholes.

Its still pretty much just a one man war, by I try my hardest every day to be as positive and friendly to people as i can. And tottally call people out in public when they are being shitty.

I would have been on the same page as you just knowing it was the Speare of Shake regardless, but I owe it all to Daria for being able to point out that it was Macbeth, and not Hamlet. Can’t remember which exact episode, but Mr. O’Neil makes a reference to it.

I was the only one in thirty that understood enough of Belwolf, Macbeth and other shakespheres work to past senior english without cheating. So most people wouldn’t have caught it at all.

mr rogers used to be navy SEAL with 25 confirmed kills, the sweater covers up his tatoos on his arms…I shit you not.
I love brooksie’s sleeves, they fit her personality so well.

True, but then again, if you are a good person and people respond negatively, that’s their problem. I’ve been able to seperate myself from caring about others’ opinions and reactions. Just cuz it isn’t accepted well should not take away from one who is just trying to be a good person. I always try to be kind, because I know I’d want kindness back.
Then again, I’m a MAJOR dick to those who deserve it :) Namely those who’ve offended or hurt me/ those close to me for no good reason.

If kindness is your priority… you ain’t prioritising well.
I’m a dick even to my best friends. That is just how we roll. Those who can’t handle it fall behind.

Yay for the Macbeth reference :D And it was Macbeth himself that said it, shortly after learning of Lady Macbeth’s death.

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