and he’s SAAAAAFE!

Glad you’ve been getting back in the swing of things man, love the comic! Wish I could spare more than a measley dollar a month for it T.T

Kissing with their eyes closed (in public) is a ramp up in my book. We’re just figuring Alex’s eye are closed, right?

Also I see her strategically deploying her torso in panel one.

Great blog post. I feel your pain.

Awesome page too, and believe me – i consider constantly donating to you. You’re worth it, I’m just disabled and broke -_-;;

Alex’s hair flip reminds me of a girl I dated in college. Their overall appearance had a lot in common as well. She would shake her head to fluff out her hair. She considered it her “sexy girl” look. Unfortunately, her enthusiasm for sex blinded me to the fact she was pretty personality disordered. For a while. That relationship left some scars. I hope Reggie and Alex tur out to be a better match.

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