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The site was acting funny when I was trying to upload this. Let me know if it doesn’t show up correctly. It seems fine now, but sometimes my surface can parse the site when other places can’t.

I honestly cant remember if that’s the actual right name of the coffee shop. My memory has been failing me a lot recently since I’ve been having the severe sleep issues and everything. I’m reasonably sure it’s right but I’m open to being wrong I guess. I have been sleeping sort of better I’m just sort of off now. My issues come and go throughout the day with memory and dizzyness, but as far as mobility goes I’m actually doing pretty well. I can get up and down off the floor much more easily and walking around and doing things don’t bother me outside of the sense of balance being off. It seems to still be my ears and eyes that are the issue. I’ve noticed that if an image on a screen changes direction abruptly in a way I don’t expect it causes the feeling of imbalance, so it seems like there’s a little disconnect between my ears and eyes. It’s actually been like that most of my life, but it’s very pronounced right now at various times. Anyway, it’s whatever.

I need to do more cleaning to help with my allergy issues and that might mitigate a lot of this problem. I bought 3 air purifiers with forever filters so I won’t have to be trying to find out of production filters all the time, or figuring out how to clean disposable ones over and over. At some point I’ll be able to get a little ahead of the dust hopefully.

Anyway, if you’d like to support my work, and my desire to cleanse the world, please use the links above. Let’s agree to meet back here on Monday to see what happens in the exciting “deciding about lunch” arc.


I’m with Reggie on this. Evrina is definitely an acquired taste and not many people in-universe seem all too interested in acquiring it.

Pretty sure if she was a real person then most of us probably wouldn’t want to after the first shot.

Reggie himself is an acquired taste.

I’m trying to remember if he was there when Evrina said “I like his moxie”. Likewise, now we know her more, “Blue ears has some fight in him” is much closer to a compliment than it first sounded.

Both of these characters were introduced in the comic pointed-end first. It made for some neat revelations about their insides.

It was a hubba-hubba ding-ding-ding
Baby you’ve got everything
Next week it was a hubba-hubba ding-ding-dong
Baby sure didn’t last too long

I thought Evrina was a fun character in the beginning (esp. as a tiny, angry, sexy foil for Reggie) though she got pretty insufferable last I remember. And now she too is a lesbian? Summary: More info needed!

He likes a show with his meal but he is not a fan of romcoms and the coffee shop employees are definitely a generic romcom setup

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