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I think it’s safe to say that even in platonic relationships people tend to have types. I have a tendency to become friends with people who other people find repellent. That’s not a rule, and there is variation, but if you looked across my history of friends you’d find a selection with more goblins than you might with someone else. I think that’s probably because at my core I too am a little goblin, living under his bridge, and making myself everyone’s problem. I really enjoy writing Reggie and Evrina because they are often the worst. They are also the worst in the particular way that I find extremely entertaining. Thomas too is a bit annoying to his friends if left to his own devices, which amuses me in a very similar way. He tends to do things with a goal in mind whereas Reggie and Evrina just act how they act without thinking about the outcome generally. One of the reasons I tend to like people like that is they have a tendency to be guileless. You get what you get with them and they don’t surprise you by suddenly being not what they present themselves as later on. On some level they are unapologetically themselves most of the time. I’m a bit drawn to that predictability in addition to the chaotic energy they often have. If you are friends with someone like that they will almost always back you regardless of how stupid your actions are. Later on they might say “Hey, that was fucking stupid, don’t get us into that kind of situation again, you dick!” but in the moment, when you fucked around and are in the process of finding out, they are with you 100%. I like loyalty in the face of extreme personal stupidity.

Of course the problem with those kinds of people is also that they often don’t get along with each other, so my friends often have trouble getting along with my other friends. So I hang around them in one on one situations so they don’t fight with each other. Uncompromising personalities tend to conflict if left unattended. I’ve only had to stop one fight between friends, but I’ve had to get ahead of them many times. So, they system is far from perfect. XD

I stopped in town to file my taxes the other day and it really threw the situation with the economy into stark contrast. I made much less money than expected by my estimated tax. It’s the first year since I started Patreon where I haven’t made a little more money than the previous year. I generally ignore the numbers that I can’t do anything about, but looking at it on a graph really made it real. The up side, if it can be so called, is that I get a refund this year, but I prefer not getting one and doing better overall every year if given the choice. In my considered opinion this isn’t even the economic storm we’re in, this is just the clouds rolling in, but it is what it is and we’ll all be waiting it out together. Regardless of how bad things may get I will be here to give you a little relief from reality even if you can’t support my work any other way than reading it. It’s times like these when what I do is the most important I think. People sent me a lot of notes during the previous economic collapse about how much my work helped them maintain a healthy perspective and I intend to provide that service this time around as well.

The 17th anniversary of this comic’s creation is also today, as well, as many of you already know, the anniversary of my birth. The 20th, just to be clear, since the comic actually posts before midnight on the day before it’s supposed to go up. It’s been quite a ride. Although the ride was caused by things outside the comic. Making the comic has actually been one of the most stable things in my life and often the thing that has saved me from the struggles of life. Having a goal when you’re in a bad place helps a person get away from the strife more than the strife of creation I have found. People need purpose to be happy. It may not be world changing but this seems to be the best use for me in the world, so thank you for making it possible for me to have a purpose in life. I appreciate it.


Hi Jackie, not sure if it’s intentional but Alex says she has a “spot spot” in the last panel. Not sure if you meant “soft spot” or not. Anyway, thanks for the comics and Happy Birthday,Cheers

I thought the same thing but it could be a genius reference to some obscure subject, knowing this series.

I… didn’t even see that, just read it as ‘soft spot’. Wow. I used to be the typo spotter extraordinaire. (Although I usually don’t point it out on comic pages, because the creators are busy on the next by the time I see it.)

As I am trying to manage a small business right now, I can say it very likely IS the economy that’s hurting you. It’s such a fuster cluck. Things keep changing in a matter of months.

Thank you for making the comic! I admire your work ethic, and appreciate every page of your work I am lucky enough to see!

Many happy returns!

Given the “little goblin” and such Alex has a soft spot for, I wonder what we might learn about Neil, Vickie and Bridgette

Well we already know Neil is Evrina, but a coward. And Bridgette is opinionated enough to weigh in on the Alex vs Maddison, and Victoria is Reggie’s little sister. So her scrappiness is a given.

Happy birthday and (comic) anniversary, Jackie! …And thanks for making our (your readers) lives just a bit more tolerable!!

A lot to be happy for today. Hope it’s going well, and it keeps right on doing so past the boundaries of the milestone.

Sometimes I think to myself “why would Alex want to be with a frustrating, rude little man like Reggie?” and then I remember how much she loves Evrina, and all of those thoughts just evaporate. I don’t think there’s been a breakup in this comic yet, but these two are my favorite of the couples. I really hope they make it.

“In denial about her feelings?” Er, not gonna lie, kinda figured it’d be a deal-breaker for Evrina, Ramon’s… shall we say… lack of nothing.

Evrina likes his face. And that’s pretty much all anyone needs to start a relationship. Maintaining it is another matter, but Evrina couldn’t maintain one if she tried so that’s a non issue.

Happy birthday Jackie. Can’t believe it’s been this long. I’ve been reading off and on since the transition to color.

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