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People like Reggie rarely realize they’re being jerks. They tend to prioritize themselves, and not think about the feelings of others. It’s not necessarily malicious. They simply aren’t accustomed to thinking about other people. A lot of factors can play into that, not least of which is a failure at some point early in their lives to be socialized. If it’s not something innate to a person’s character they can learn, over time, to gain empathy. If it is innate it’s much harder and takes more effort. In those cases the base instinct is to blame a condition and deny personal responsibility. Which is also rarely malicious. It’s just the basic programming installed in most humans.

Many thanks to those of you who wished me well on the dual anniversary. It’s always nice to hear about how people have enjoyed my efforts.

Recently I’ve been playing Fire Emblem Engage. In that series it’s become common for the game to ask what your birthday is at the start of a file. Sometimes it has effects in game, but I didn’t bother to research it and just entered in my actual birthday. So yesterday all the characters wished me happy birthday and gave me presents. Generally when a game does something like that it doesn’t have much impact, but with Engage there’s a huge nostalgia factor. Several characters have been in many games, so there’s that passive emotional connection you build up with fictional characters over many years of a series. So it felt like I was getting wished well by friends I’ve had for many years. It was a very nice feeling. Since I play Fire Emblem Heroes regularly I have some connection even with characters from games I haven’t played, like Sigurd and Seliph. Plus, the game actually embraces Heroes as part of the lore, so Princess Veronica also wished me a very muted happy birthday. XD

In Animal Crossing I used to use my actual birthday but since I started using my characters as the avatars I started using their birthdays instead, so it wasn’t my birthday in that game. Carol is born in September.

Anyway, I need to take care of something so I’ll remind you there are links above to support my work and wish you well until next we meet.


Good on her to find Reggie’s antics amusing. I can’t say I’d be that generous to him, even if we were in a relationship. But at least she helped him realize his faults and he’s accepting of the help

Hmmm… to be honest, Evrina was really the one angling for a fight the first time. Whilst it’s nice to think we’d all be the “bigger man” and not take the bait… she really deserved the attitude Reggie gave back to her. The fact that he pretty much effortlessly trounced her is just the icing on the cake.

well, happy slightly belated birthday! i am also deep into Fire Emblem Engage, with only 4-5 missions left, i think. already thinking about doing a second playthrough
and as a Fire Emblem veteran, i am doing this on hard/classic

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