Eh, not sure I agree with her. Well, it obviously depends on who, exactly, you’re talking to, but having spent some time in red pill circles, it’s not generally Reggie that they don’t like; yes, the arrogance is there, but he’s still a decent guy. He doesn’t actively try to hurt people, he has principles, he generally doesn’t pursue women much, he gets flustered by the attention of women he is attracted to, etc. This is very different from DudeBro who goes out to clubs each weekend to find a nameless, drunk, barely-legal to take home, some “strange puss to smash”, and then discards them. Or has “girlfriends” but basically treats them like garbage, but manages to keep them around by being attractive enough to charm the pants off of them (literally), because if and when that stops working, oh well, he can get another hot girl he doesn’t care about. The men they dislike probably wouldn’t sleep with Alex in the first place, and if they did, it would be a one-and-done deal–I think Reggie will, with his limited abilities, try to maintain this relationship and treat Alex well.

Of course, I know there are the “Nice Guys” who are not nice and basically try to replace “being attractive” with “being superficially sweet” and yet be just as pushy, unappreciative, etc, as the DudeBros, and just understand why they don’t get sex. But alot of men get called “Nice Guys” because they are legitimately shy and sweet, or, ironically, so afraid of being labeled a “Nice Guy”, in that they fear legitimately upsetting women, that they barely approach women at all. And yeah, those guys can get frustrated to see jerks get the girls, girls who are repeatedly mistreated and dumped because they keep falling for jerks, especially when those same girls then reject them despite them being what they claim to want.

My two cents, anyway.

Well put! I am a Nice Guy who does my best to be considerate, and has no trouble talking to women (I was recently at a lunch where I was the only male in a group of 8 – the organiser expressed some concern for me possibly feeling outnumbered, and I was just yeah, whatever) but am rarely a blip on the radar for the women I know. On the rare occasions that I do blip, I am supposed to suddenly be a practiced sex machine with the physical response of a man half my age, so that doesn’t go well either.

god i just love her confidence in both herself and her tastes
she likes what she likes basically….. and no my introvert self is not currently dying of envy

I was not expecting this to be the power couple of the comic in the beginning. But the more ya look into it, the more it actually works. Very different types will always click together more than similar minded folks.

Reggie’s personality is sui generis. Alex, I figure, is not directly comparing him to the guys incels are jealous of.

As she’s the kind of person who probably uses ‘sui generis’ I consider her the sort who’d be drawn to a guy like that.

It’s not a hard formula though. What Reggie has in common with the dudebro terminally online folk bitch about is that he tried. That guy you hate who has a new partner every week barks up the right tree and knows how to determine who would actually be interested. It’s not hard to hook up if you’re approaching people that are DTF. Literally every woman whose ever hooked up with a guy like that knows that, and chose him over you. That’s why Reggie finds it baffling because he doesn’t stop to think about the people he steps on until confronted. The self proclaimed nice guy is just unaware and entitled.

There’s lots of arguments to be had over the line between genuine nice guy and self-proclaimed nice guy. But I will say one thing many (though not all) do have in common is that they’re not just looking to hook up… they’re looking to gain the attention of something specific. Whether a specific individual person or just a person who fits certain categories that interest them. Essentially, they’re looking for someone they’re interested in to also be interested in them, not just to find a warm body willing to share a bed. Some because they’re looking for love, some because they’re looking to fulfill their attraction preferences, and some because their ego requires that they find a partner that fits their self-image of the sort of girl they deserve to be with. Some of them are certainly too oblivious to be aware that there are people who don’t fit their category that are sexually available, but others are aware it exists but it’s not what they’re looking for.

Confidence – whether real or misbegotten – attracts confidence. If a woman only goes after the confident, arrogant jerk time and time again, chances are they have the same traits in common. Or at least they believe they do. Most women friends I have who were stuck in that loop for a time admit they thought they were “all that” so they deserved an “all that” kind of guy. “All that” kind of guys included arrogance, confidence, good looks and a hint of money.

Eventually, they come off the coaster. Most of them married or are dating regular guys now.

One thing I never understood with this argument is why it insinuates that the only girls that cling to arrogant, confident jerks are the ones that always seem to be the most attractive physically. If we’re talking about appearances that don’t meet the standard “cute” or “sexy” criteria, would the same girl still go for guys like that even at the risk of being shot down in the most humiliating way?

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