First, Carol barely knows her, but can tell Alex is really into Reggie.

Second, in 2369 Carol and Jo tag team to make Reggie blush, and now Carol again.
This is quite the welcome to trial basis friendship.

I’m told women understand this sort of thing, among women. They know their own signals.

I have no way to verify this is true or not because I don’t understand “signals” of any sort, to the point where some have wondered if I’m mildly autistic.

It may be the case for you, or not. ‘Signals’ have a great and long history of being attrociously misunderstood. So for anyone really wanting things to be clear, words really are the only way to go.

nope words dont work
Unless the sign is unmistakable actions or unmistakable words ill probably STILL screw it up.

Ive been married for 6 years, together with the same girl for 7. Ive STILL misconstrued her intentions

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