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I was gonna write this whole thing about being overwhelmed, but fuck it. Here’s a tidbit I forgot because of all the other stuff going on. A guy got murdered, like, 3 houses down from my Grandma’s house on Xmas eve. Laid there on his lawn dead until someone happened by apparently. That guy may be dead, but my patreon isn’t. Not yet anyway. If you feel like supporting this fantastic comic use the link above. Or the subscribestar one, because alt tech is important for reasons.


Yeah, I hate creepy events like that.
**A true, violent crime event**-

a guy murdered his wife, + her secret boyfriend, + then killed himself,…about a short walk from a place I that lived in. The gossip was this was a love triangle, I think.
Me + my friends, really didn’t think that we were in danger AFTER the event, but I think people get really spooked, when cruddy stuff like that happens, in areas that they sometimes go to. Hm.

Several years ago, I came home from work one morning, only to hear a couple of women screaming “Help me!” when I went to put my motorcycle in the garage. Since no one else seemed to be doing anything about it, I grabbed my phone (best weapon I had on me at the time) and went to check it out. Turns out a friend of theirs who lived in my apartment complex had been shot, so I called 911. When the EMT’s went in and immediately came back out, I knew the guy was DRT.
I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood in a small town where this isn’t exactly common, so it all came as a bit of a shock. They arrested the killer a day or two later. The worst part? Turns out the shitstain was trying to kill someone else, and only shot my neighbor because of a mistaken identity.

A boy’s father got murdered on Christmas eve and people I know including my mother are looking to comfort him. By the way, what city is your grandmother in? This happened in Birmingham, Al

I love your art, the storyline is great, and the characters are very realistic.

That being said, it would be ‘losses’, not ‘loses’.

(just trying to be helpful)

It pleases me very much that people seem to be terrified of telling me about typos without first praising me. XD

It’s what management classes teach you: tell the person why they’re an important member of the team before chewing them out. It’s supposed to help alleviate bad feelings and workplace violence.

Sounds like what they teach in leadership courses in the military. The shit sandwich principle. Bookend praise with criticism, and vice versa.

Alex has already revealed to us to be someone who will use a phrase like “people of quality”.

And I’m flashing back to her brief interaction with Garrett now. No wonder they can get along.

I hope that portends well for Reggie and Alex.

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