I feel that POV so much. I suffered abuse at the hands of my father and he died long before I could even try and tackle that. I was only 21 when he passed and so I had to confront all that trauma without being able to engage him about it. It’s a weird headspace

can confirm, character development has been stellar with those two (reggie and alex) especially considering they both seem to have started as simply side characters.

Would like to say something congratulatory on a great page, but can’t think of anything, so I’ll just go vote.

It occurs to me that Reggie doesn’t seem to understand that pragmatism is useful but not when it’s negating a person’s feelings. It can absolutely be used to make a person feel better. For example my new computer being delivered is now delayed until Monday and I’m legit upset about that but the pragmatic way to look at it is that Monday is the start of my weekend so I won’t get the computer until I have the time off work to enjoy it.

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