553 My Shtick.

This will be the last page posted in 2009.  You know what that means?  Not a God damn mother fuckin’ thing, Chuck.

This is kind of random, but I got this Star Wars themed flash drive for Christmas.  For reasons I can’t explain I’ve always had bad luck with flash drives.  Bizarre things seem to happen when I try to use them.  Things that result in tragedy.  I sort of assumed that a branded flash drive would automatically guarantee some sort of failure, but that wasn’t the case.  I plugged it in for a test and it just worked.  The PC remained stable.  Nothing got deleted.  It’s probably just coincidence, but perhaps my system knows better than to fuck with Palpatine.  There are no unprotected walkways around there.  The only thing that can  stop a Sith lord.


Dethfan, was Jacen a Sith Lord, or was he merely a Sith, because the title Lord when dealing with Sith defines the individual as either the ruler of the Sith or his apprentice, not just any fallen jedi allied to their cause

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