Dr Pepper is like rat poison… but the death is longer.

Doctor Pepper is amazing, and I will hear nothing bad said about her.

Well, the only good thing I have to say about it is that it isn’t quite as bad as Sunny D…
That ain’t saying much though. Sunny D is the worst thing imitating a beverage on this poor excuse for a planet. Dr Pepper is only second-worst…. followed by the likes of Diet Pepsi.

My beverage of choice is Relentless… though Red Bull will do in a pinch (weak flavour on that one though).

Really long; I recently read about a centenarian who attributed her longevity to drinking three Dr. Peppers a day.

Actually, plain ole’ regular beer is better than any of those things. Of course by beer I mean the good stuff, not the p!ss they sell in the states.

And now, knowledge that will scar you forever:
Dr. Pepper is prune-flavored.

sorry to disappoint you, but it’s actually cherry, which makes those Cherry Dr Peppers redundant if you ask me >.>

That’s a disingenuous argument, as there are several different flavors used. Dr Pepper is, consequently, Dr Pepper-flavored and not cherry-flavored or prune-flavored or vanilla-flavored or whatever.Cherry Dr Pepper has MORE cherry flavor than regular Dr Pepper, enough that it becomes distinctly cherry-flavored.

Doc P is serious business where I’m from.

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