850 I Belive In A Thing Called Love.

This is one of those pages that I feel like people will either get instantly, or not understand at all, because everyone experiences love differently. I kind of want to explain it to the people who won’t understand, but it’d be like trying to explain color to a blind person. It’s also possible to understand the scene, but see it in a negative light. On some level I see the open declaration of love as a surrender of power. Moreso if you are the first person in a relationship to say it. I don’t think I’m alone in this, though it’s rarely verbalized in this way. i could go on about the whole thing for ages, but I’ll leave it to you guys to debate.

Happy Thanksgiving for those of you celebrating it on Thursday. Happy Thursday for those of you who don’t. XD


Just because I “get” the page immediately doesn’t mean I’m inclined to agree.
I’ve never had that mentality myself and never would.

It is a bit of a family thing that I’ve noticed other people don’t have… probably due to differing backgrounds. I suspect it was a whole “growing up below the poverty line” thing… but I have very strict ways when it comes to domain and “property”.

Someone snooping through my stuff or through my online accounts without consent is an absolute deal-breaker. Betrayal grade. I don’t abide those I “let in” trying to subvert my domain.
Strangely enough, the only way they could possibly get away with it is if they were doing it explicitly to wind me up. When I know I’m standing on a competitive level with them, it casts things a bit differently… but otherwise, this is heinous breach-of-trust stuff.


Gotta admit, he’s a pretty smooth, chill, and accepting guy.

Good Lord, no man on this planet could’ve tolerated that, no matter how long the relationship had been going on.
Believe me, I’ve asked.

It really does take 2 to fight, and our “Magnificent Bastard” just flipped a potential (and quite honestly, justifiable) fight into an “awesome relationship moment” instead.

Damn, when he falls, he falls hard, no wonder he gets so heated if it doesn’t work, but to be honest it might have been on him few times, I imagine it might have been a bit too overwhelming for some.
Also ‘the one cofessing becomes subservient to confesee’ is a premise of ‘Kaguya-sama wants to be confessed to. Love is War’
Personally I don’t think it goes that hard, but it sure puts some expectations to meet on the confesor, and reveals his ‘weakness’ to potentialy get advantaged off.

Does anybody know the history or etymology or whatever of “bury the lede”? I’ve never seen the word “lede” in any other place than that exact phrase, and “lead” as in “leader” seems like it ought to work there. Like, the “lead subject” gets buried in text at the front.

It’s an old typesetting term that got popularized in the 50s after falling out of use. A lede is the part of a story that is the summation of the most interesting parts. The things most likely to draw in a potential reader.

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