I don’t know about anyone else, but mini side stories like this are perfectly on brand for your comic. Doesn’t have to all be plot and character development, slice of life is kinda awesome.

Hey don’t worry about the puppet stuff, this is very entertaining and it is doing a lot to flesh out Edward and Jessica’s relationship as siblings. Until now we’ve seen them talk, scold and occasionally joke with one and other, but this shows us a brother and sister just goofing around and having fun together. There was no reason Edward needed to do this silly stuff, it was clear Jessica was already excited by the puppet just by seeing it and she would probably help him because of that, but he saw an opportunity to goof around with her and went for it. That’s some good sibling writing right there. :D

We got a little of this when they took Brooksie out to lunch, way waay back when, but it’s always nice to see them getting along.

Jess: “This just kerps getting better!”

Quoted for truth.

Jackie: “I promise I will get tired of puppets eventually.”

I pray for a long run of puppet antics.

I foram one welcome the puppets as a permanent addition to the cast. You gave them more personality than some contemporary shows their main cast

Would make for great filler episodes when your creative juoces runneth dry

I love how, naturally, Ed is supposed to be voicing all of this nonsense for the puppet. And she just completely rolls with it. Makes it even funnier.

You’re batting 1000 Jackie. This is great stuff. I love the contrast between the Ed’s puppet personality and his own.

Honestly the puppets do just keep getting better and better. I was not expecting the puppet defensive assault, and it’s just precious.

I think we are all Jess in these last few pages. This is a beautifully unexpected situation that I am in love with.

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