I’m loving these latest comics! I know things have been tough lately, but I hope you stick with it, and things improve soon. Best wishes from Alberta, Canada!

You and me both Jess. You and me both.

Can we all appreciate that, through Mike, Ed has been discovering new skillsets and having fun?

This is the kind of fun I think all of us need right now. Especially with how fucked just about everything is lately

I’m waiting for Ed to realize what he’s been doing. This normally something one would normally get teased by a sibling for.

*Stan Marsh voice*
“This is pretty fucked up, right here.”

I’m dying. XD
Does Ed even realize what he’s saying now? Or is he being like my son, who doesn’t seem to hear things that are falling out of his mouth until someone reacts to them?

I love that Ed’s allowed his puppet persona to just go full ham like this

Sometimes that’s the only way some people can actually express a part of themselves. The amount of fun a person can have if they reflect a piece of their persona through a puppet is actually interesting. I’m pretty sure that was what made the Muppet Show such a hit back in the day.

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