Mike and Ed went from “don’t know anything about puppets” to “this puppet is a sentient being over which I have no control” in record time.

That’s…that’s the setup of a horror movie, like The Great Gabbo.

Gabbo! There’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time. A long time.

It’s bitin’ time!

Thanks to some absolutely strange book selections at a library, I knew who The Great Gabby was before The Simpsons even existed.

If you’ve ever needed to see a musical starring Erich von Stroheim, this is the movie for you.

Currently available in its entirety on YouTube.


You know, you can say a LOT about YouTube, but even the most diehard of hater will have to agree that it’s one of the greatest archives of old video EVER. From 1920s movies to obscure 1980s sitcoms to 1990s advertising, it’s right there.

Hah! I love how Jesse/Ed’s sibling relationship has now been summarized in a single frame. “Ow, Hey! He’s got plastic teeth!”

This is one of the few comics that I can really enjoy without what might be considered major story arcs. Its fun to just see the characters decide to do something and see its logical conclusion.

The only issue I have with the times between is that Jackie treats them as being less worthy, and refuses to number them in the same number series as the rest of the comic. I wonder how much confusion this is going to cause for future archivists. Will Ph.D. theses be written in 2257 about the significance of the different number series used, utterly confusing the recommended reading order?

Since these exist outside the regular continuity, and some reference real world things, they need to be set apart. They also are mostly recycled pages with new text.

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