1763 Bitten.

There’s a good chance, if this is the only text here when it goes live, that I am asleep. I didn’t sleep well and feel poorly so I may have just gone to sleep. I don’t have anything to report anyway. XOXO J.T.


I know exactly how she fells about being compared to a sibling. Growing up, I was never “Andrew” to any of my teachers, I was always “Selina’s little brother” and I was expected to be like her in every way. It pissed me off so much.

Growing up, I was the good, smart one. Next was my brother, the holy terror, youngest was my sister. By the time she hit any given grade, her teachers didn’t know what to expect.

I think I like her. :)

She looks tired (dark crescents under her eyes) and seems either very neutral (unenthusiastic) or just really worn out. Working in a restaurant, especially one where kids are frequently the customers, is definitely exhausting, so my bet is on the latter. Regardless, she seems like a good addition to the cast!

I’d initially assumed she was wearing eyeliner, actually. the deadpan humor sounds about right given her behavior when we last saw her.

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