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It’s been a while since we’ve seen Victoria, unless you are on my patreon anyway, here’s a refresher if you can’t remember her. LINK SON! I was pretty amused with myself when I thought of making her work at Beary Good Pizza. I’ve always avoided drawing scenes like this because I can’t draw the settings for shit, but I decided to just do it anyway and hope it doesn’t suck too much.

Obviously the Big Top Pizza is based on Showbiz Pizza, and the beary Fun Band is based on the Rockafire Explosion. I didn’t want to deal with having to research the actual stage set up for the real place so I just make a fake place up so I wouldn’t have to. The story of the place is loosely based on a story a friend told me about. I’ve never actually been in a place like this. We had pizza place in my old town except Chuck E Cheese/Showbiz pizza.


“accept the bird” should be “except the bird”

And Chuck E Cheese is planning on removing the animatronics in favor of live performers. I read that not too long ago and wanted to cry. I didn’t grow up with a Chuck E Cheese, but I do remember a place I believe was called “Major Magics” or something. The animatronics wore sgt pepper influenced costumes or something.

If I remember correctly:
On a trip, I went to a small mall kind of building, named- “Bear Right”, I think.
In a bottom floor was a Disneyland’s “country bear jamboree”-type of show, with 5, or so, animatronic characters. the ACs were [an adult, man bear], [a male, gray wolf…who was maybe a bartender], and [three kid-age bears…or possibly 3 boy bears w/ 10-year-old-kids’ personalities].
The adult animals would talk to the audience, and sometimes sing. The 3 kid-bears would sometimes sing. One song was the 1977 song- “Come a little bit closer”, by Jay and The Americans.
Years ago, the Bear Right [R] mall was changed into another business.
People who lived by the mall, [including sane, grown men], have told me- that they WISH that [the bears show was still there], and that they hope that the [bear robots] are still around…and working, somewhere.

There was for the longest time a jungle themed eatery at Yorkdale called the Rainforest Cafe. Most of the plants were live but all the animals were animatronic.
Close now and replaced by I don’t know what.
I think it was because the prices were a tad high and the food was mediocre at best.

Reminds me of The Safe House, which didn’t have animatronics per se but was espionage themed. Time zone clocks, secret entrance type vestibule, fake facade [now open glass dining area to fit more people] and various gadgets and such copied from movies and TV and computer games [Red hat and trench coat?]

Rainforest Cafe is actually a chain. I’ve been to at least three of them, and yeah… mediocre food, high prices, touristy. But at least the animatronic animals weren’t trying to sing.

I once ate at a place called Loon Lake Lodge. I thought the food was both pretentious and over-priced for a place decorated with animatronic critters. They’ve since closed, although I think it’s now reopened under another name.

yay Victoria!

You know, it is funny. Just the other day I was thinking “Man, I wanna see Victoria show up again. ” and… here we are.

Why is she working? Her family s loaded right?

That may be so, but wealthy parents who are smart make their kids work for a living early on, with little-to-no support from them. If they don’t teach their kids the value of money, they’ll be irresponsible with it when it becomes theirs — often to the point of losing the business.

I just want to say that this strip brightened my morning more than I’d have thought possible. Having her work there is indeed fitting. Now I’m wondering if the ears are actually part of the work uniform, or she figured people would just assume that. Also, yay Victoria!

Thank you! I have been trying to remember the name Showbiz Pizza for a few years now. We had that and a Chuck E Cheese in the city my grandparents lived in, and Showbiz was awesome! Chuck was always sub-par, but it’s still in business, 30-something years later. Guess it’s true, the good die young, or go out of business anyways.

I think I saw a documentary about these pizza arcades, long time back. And if I recall correctly,it was actually Chuck E Cheese that nearly went out of business, early on. They were purchased by Showbiz Pizza, so that Showbiz could take the IP of the Chuck characters and stop using the Rockafire Explosion, which was being licensed to them by a third company.

Real talk

That size of that mug she is bringing so casually with 1 hand. She could probably mold the bird with her hands into a bear.

It as big as their faces could fit in that mug.

I think- the Chuck E. Cheese’s [company] has two types of costumed shows, of the fursuiter-like costumes on CEC’s actors.

1 type of cost. show is done at the CEC restaurants, + another is a “Road Show”, where, I guess, you hire [Mr.] Chuck E. Cheese to visit your school or venue, + he plays songs [ that 6 year-olds would enjoy], + he offers kids CEC arcade-tickets, if they dance with him, [says Wikipedia].

There’s a documentary film, about how the Showbiz Pizza restuarants rose + fell, and how CEC is/was connected to them. The film also tells about Mr. Chris Thrash saved up [a stinking ton] of money, and [bought his own Rock-afire Explosion [R] band, with its robots, and operates this R.E. band at his home.

The film is, The Rock-afire Explosion [from 2008]. There is more on the film, here:


And with respect to that last closing statement.

If you are not part of the solution then you are the precipitate.


Could be worse.
Captain Andy’s
River Towne Pizza Was a LOCAL version circa mid early 80s in Maryland. For the longest time I thought this was some Sort of fever dream that my brain made up… Since there are pictures I can safely say that I this was something I remember.

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