853 Sophie’s Choice.

When I draw these pages where most of it is dominated by a shot of one of the girls I’m mimicking manga.  Did you know that?  It’s a common thing to do.  They have a word for it, and other cultures do it in comics too, but manga is specifically where I got it from.  Of course it’s filtered through my hand, so it’s…  whatever you want to call it.  Anyway, I wish Questionable Content would do it sometimes.  And it doesn’t have to just be with the girls, or played for sexy like I do.  I’d just like to see him play around with it. 

Of course he’s got like a million more readers than me, so maybe I should shut my fucking trap and let the man do his pages however the fuck he wants.

The other night I was reading Wapsi Square and it suddenly came to me that it would be the ultimate History Channel show if they made it.  It’s basically all the pseudo science bullshit they show now distilled down into a single story.  Excepting, of course, that Wapsi doesn’t claim to be true.  If you look at it though it has everything that the History Channel is in love with.  Cryptozoology, Apocalypse predictions, undead, Atlantis, and so on.  The only thing I don’t think it has is aliens, Ice Road Truckers, and pawn shops.  Not that he couldn’t add some in there at some point.  A museum is kind of like a public pawn shop.  There may have been aliens too, but I forget.  I know they’ve show a bra history show a few times, and sex in olden times, so Wapsi has that covered. It would make a good show too. Way better than Deadliest Catch.  If he threw in some Nazis it would harken back to how the History Channel used to be too.  XD


I agree with the Questionable Content thing, as many interesting characters as he has its a damn shame he doesn’t do these types of panels. It’s not just this one thing either though, very rarely does he break from rectangular panels it seems. Kinda boring now that I’m thinking about it, I never noticed before. Now it’s gonna bother me.

I second the vote for smaller towels. :D

New reader, catching up on the archives, almost there. Funny you mention WS in the comments on this strip, was a comment over there where I found a link to this one. Very nice work.

In case you do get a chance to read this, I wanted to mention that I agree with you on something you posted on an earlier strip: I really like your lead female character. I despise modern society’s fixation on artificial beauty and to have a female lead that looks so darn hot AND so very very “natural” and what I would call “real” … well done.

And a redhead, to boot … the best of everything. Yeah, I have a thing for redheads, heh – as the old saying goes, fire in the hair means fire in the heart. Of course I had to expand it myself with: “and fire down below means a demoness in the bedroom”. ::snicker::

The guy that draws Waspi is super nice. I have teased him mercilessly for years and he’s always nice to me every time we communicate.

What page did you come here from, if you can remember? I’m always curious about that kind of thing.

Anyway, I’m glad you appreciate Carol’s various atributes. I’m always trying to make sure I’m portraying her, and indeed all the cast, as regular people.

As far as redhead legends go my experience is limited, but not for lack of trying…

I can’t remember which page, for certain. I keep a list of my webcomics, including a list of ones to read when I get to them. So it may have been a recent page and I put yours at the top of the list, or it could have been further back, when I was reading the WS archives and just now getting to yours after clearing a couple others I had.

I *think* it was a relatively recent one, I seem to remember a WS reader posting a link to one of your strips as it had relevance to what was being discussed, checked the link, thought it looked interesting, and added it to the list for later.

But yeah, I like Carol and how she accepts herself for who she is. Good for her! I am a fan of losing weight for health reasons (diabetes history in the family, I am finding out, as well as a track record of heart issues – so I am getting back to the gym, darn it!) but so many don’t realize being stick thin isn’t so healthy either.

Ask a gymnast what it does to their menstrual cycle, and then try to seriously convince me that’s *natural*? Then have a woman with a cute face and an extra few pounds on her hips sit in your lap and cuddle … later, when you have the ability to *think* return, tell me again why that kind of woman shouldn’t be heralded as the true “norm”.

After I’m done laughing at you, you can try again after I buy you a drink, you poor dumb bastard. :D

(that’s a generic “you”, for allegorical purposes BTW – just in case)

……okay, I hate to be /that guy/, but History Channel (channel 58 where I live) HAS Aliens, Pawnshops, and Ice Road Truckers….The last is named exactly that, Pawn shops goes by the name of “Pawn Stars” and Aliens can be under any number of names, but my favourite amongst it all has to be “Ancient Astronauts”…I think it’s that one, could be “Ancient Aliens”…either way, I think the producer/director/head of the History Channel reads your comic dude..

Either you misunderstood the Wapsi comment or I did. The things you assert the history channel has were listed as the only things the history channel has which are not covered by Wapsi Square. As such, nobody is saying the history channel doesn’t have them.

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