Jess is very open minded xD honestly the puppet idea isnt bad I feel like there isnt enough muppet style content on youtube xD

Not enough muppets stuff in general. I kinda want an updated version of the old show. The bunch of weird performances with one character struggling to keep it running.

I don’t remember if I’ve seen Jess’ face light up like this before.

For someone in love with Brooksie that’s a feat.

“Um Brooksie?”
“Yes, Jess?”
“Could you pretend to be a puppet tonight … just for tonight.”

“You want to put your hand…someplace?”

I’m binge-reading the archive (again) and noted what can only be admiration where Ed says his sister doesn’t want to keep up with trends as much as lead them.

This is a very effective page! A little animation couldn’t add too much to it, IMHO. I have some trouble envisioning a fully-animated Between Failures, though — I don’t have enough imagination.

An animated Between Failures would be better than half the sreaming shows running right now.

At least.

Just retain creative control.

Am I the only one who’s worried about the direction Jess might end up taking this in? She’s happy about this development, which is…probably good? But we’ve never seen her light up to quite this degree.

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