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I don’t know how this keeps happening but I’m gonna be in Garden on Wednesday.  I was just there to see a friend get married. 

It was a nice ceremony.  They had it outside, near a gazebo.  Gazebos, as Knights Of The Dinner Table teaches us, are dangerous creatures, so I think it was brave to get married in the shadow of such a fearsome beast. 

In the top image we have the groom in the foreground, with me & two groomsmen. I’m the one without a sexy tuxedo. I’m not sure they want their identities made public because they already have several stalkers.
The bottom image is me with the beautiful bride. (She has more stalkers than all the guys combined.) I’m the dude. You probably realize this unless you’re a goldfish and forgot my face while panning down to the second image. In which case, what are you doing browsing the internet? Get back in the bowl you crazy fish! You can’t breathe our advanced gasses!


Ya know, you’ve got quite a way with words. I don’t think most people could work the phrase “advanced gases” into a sentence w/o there being a fart joke somewhere in there. HA! *mutters* “advanced gases”…

Crave: I try to leave the fart jokes to the pros. :D

Hey I am a hyper intelligent army trained goldfish capable of great feats of memory and I feel insultedby your insinuation of our short mem…oooooh shiny castle……where was I again?

Wow, you look just like my son’s godfather. I had to take a double take on the pic. lol.

Crave: Being a godfather would be sweet. I’d do it Brando style!

Hey you crazy fish, stop using my internets! You don’t even have thumbs!

Is it okay if I call you sexy? ‘Cuz you are. And Carol seems to like sugar – she’s already had ice cream and soda today. Must go to her boobs.

Crave: It is officially cool to call me sexy. I think that would bring my lifetime total to being so named up to three. XD

Also, sugar is Carol’s greatest weakness.

I may not have thumbs, but I have a very special system of flopping around on a keyboard that accomplishes my goals and I thin….Ooooh another shiny….

I imagined you much skinnier. I think it was your pic on DD that made me think that…

Crave: I’ve gotten that a lot since I posted those pics. That avatar, like most avatars, is misleading. I’m just a regular old fat guy.

I have been to several outdoor weddings and they always have the same downfall. Sweaty wedding pictures. If I have an outdoor wedding its going to be in late october so that its cool enough to not sweat and you can see all the bridesmaids nipples through their dress.

I will admit that I am featured in the picture. That’d be me on the left.

I fear the sunlight on my non-shielded eyes.

Actually, I’ve just become too dependent on my sunglasses.

Funny thing about October ’round here, sometimes it’s covered in snow, sometimes it’s hotter than hell.

Im kinda tempted to ask some friends to let me borrow some moneies so i can come up and eat dinners with you ^_^

As whoever said, you look like you’d give great hugs. I’m told I give great hugs. What would happen when two great huggers hug each other oO

Your comic is awesome, get some books and aim for a table at Anime Boston so we can test this. :D

Lookin’ like a cool dude, mate. Tux’s are for fools, mostly ;D

You should have worn a tux. they’re awesome, if you can get one that fits. And it IS doable. I bought one recently. >_>

Dude, you looked almost exactly how I pictured. ….Now that I look at it, that sentence is remarkably stalker-ific. But nope, you look like a cool fat guy ^_^

Hooray for KODT!! Strangely, many weddings happen in or around gazebos. I can only surmise that the awesome God powurz keep the beast at bay during the ceremonies. Just make sure to keep away from them during the reception once the cleric has left. Ha! Still loving Between Failures by the way. And that must be the best shape for webcomic artists, because you look very similar to Dan Shive (artist of El Goonish Shive). I think you may have more hair, though. Great story!

There exist waterproof computers, or so I’ve been told.

That having been said, they tend to be lacking in optional data ports for some reason. ;)

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