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Okay, I’m not a car guy.  I know very basic information about them, I don’t find them interesting outside of Transformer toys, and racing games, but I love watching Top Gear.  If you don’t know what Top Gear is let me explain it:  Witty British guys drive cars around, for various reasons, while providing entertaining narration.  Against all odds I watch it with rapt attention.  I don’t know what they’re talking about when they use jargon, but I just can’t pull myself away.  I watched it on accident one day after BBC News and now I’m trapped in a world I didn’t create.


i like the crazy challenges they come up with, the channel cross for example,
Jeramy : You fixed the propelly DIRECTLY to the drive shaft?!
Hammond : Yer?
Jeramy : So When your driving down the road this propeller will stil be turning?
Hammond : …a bit…

I wish I had a manager like Mike.

Also, it’s that damned British accent. It’s like a friggin magnet to the ears.

Mike, you confused “awesome” with “dense” again.

Top Gear is an awesome show. I don’t usually like car shows because I don’t understand what the hell they are talking about most of the time. But Top Gear is funny and entertaining, even though they aren’t really telling me anything that I can actually use.

It’s funny: stick a Brit in a show as the host, and it’s like you’ve got an instant hit. I guess people are just suckers for the accent…I know I am… >_<

Jeremy Clarkson is 100% concentrated awesome…. Even I will agree on this one.

I mean I have no interest in cars whatsoever, but I’ve been known to watch it ONLY because Jeremy Clarkson is allowed to do really crazy stuff for the lulz….. and he does.

Heh! I’ve seen that show too! It revealed to me my dream car…The Ferrari F-60, Enzo. Unfortunately, those go for mare than 600,00 I believe 0_o

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