This strip has a good profile of Carol. Damn, nice tits and those bangin hips. I likw girls with wide hips =3 Gives me something to wrap my arms around and hold on to.

Yeah, the curvy girls are hawt… but what they don’t warn you about are the side-effects.
For instance, if you’re gonna share a bed with someone rather heavier than yourself, make sure it has one of those memory-foam mattress things… else you’ll be falling asleep on a slope. And if you have a particularly active lifestyle… well, they take a bit of convincing to share it sometimes.

I’ve always had an eye for the curves myself… BUT I’m a pragmatist first and foremost, and I’ve learnt that skinnier girls are much more practical partners. Unfortunate but true.

(I suspect this is one of those comments that draws in the haters like moths to television screens… but I ain’t one to hold my words.)

hmm louis carol reference. one pill makes you larger, one pill makes you small, and the ones your mother gives you dont do anything at all. ask alice, when she is ten feet tall.

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