1023 The Wave.

The dates on these file names are all fucked up. I don’t know how I managed it…

Today was all about dropping shit and spilling things. I’m not sure if I was just tired or what. The kitchen was a disaster after I made potatoes, and I all but poured a can of soda on my keyboard. I actually dissmantled the keyboard and washed the casing. It’s a Microsoft one, but not a standard kind. It’s an upgrade I got at some point. Whoever designed it knew that things get spilled though. It’s clearly constructed to be taken apart and cleaned in it comes down to it. Even if you poured liquid on it it’s unlikely that the keys would stop working. I just didn’t want it sticky and smelling of candy.

I am one page behind on my page schedule. It’s the furthest behind I’ve been in about 6 years. I will probably get it done on Thursday if I’m lucky. Then I’ll start on the pages for the next cycle. Hopefully getting caught back up after that. I put out a half hearted call for guest pages, but I have learned not to count on others in these matters. I’m not desperate for them. In the end I know I will find a way to catch up, but I would like a break. This holiday season was the most draining one since leaving retail. It just never let up. Capping itself off with the loss of Jon was a real masterstroke. Of course it’s not going to really end at all. THe damage will linger on and on for years. Grinding away unceasingly… Everyone will have to be carefully monitored. The thought of it makes me sleepy.

Sleeping is apparently part of my coping mechanism, but it’s a weird kind of sleep. It’s more like I just shut off than sleep. I wake up physically capable of action, but mentally handicapped. Which is why this is clearly the best time to be experimenting in the kitchen…

I appreciate all the kind words you all have had for me and my family. There’s a fund for my young cousins, if any of you feel like donating to it send me an email and I’ll pass along the details. Jon’s youngest is still in high school so she’s in for a tough time of it.


I am being swept away on a veritable tsunami of confidence.

(* Snerk! *) Eat your heart out, Shakespeare. That’s actually some of the best dialogue I’ve read in a webcomic — or any comic — lately. The Lincoln kids rock.

Okay, I’m asleep at the switch, myself. I completely forgot to put my Name and eMail on a comment, and it’s even the first of the day. Owe hell…

So we’ve got Jess in a casual Vriska cosplay, and Ed as a Hero of Mind…

It’s not really cosplay. It’s like a style homage. If she was painted and had horns it would be cosplay.

True. The way she’s drawn, due to Jess’ physical similarity to Jade, it visually comes off as Jade dressed in Vriska’s clothes, then a straight cosplay (which, given how Jade would view Vriska if they ever met, is incredibly hilarious to me).

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