1024 Little Mistress.

Paper Mario Sticker Star, or whatever it’s called, is great. On par with the other Paper Mario games. I would say better than the Wii one arguably. Sometimes the goals are a little vague, but I have no strong complaints at this point.

You know, I didn’t get any games for Christmas. It’s the first one without getting at least one game in as long as I can remember. I’m kind of trying to wait out Mass Effect 3 for a full downloads edition, or something. Arkham City is on my radar with the game of the year version, but I haven’t gotten around to getting it with all the stuff going on.

The Adventure Time DS game is really well done. I played the demo and now I really want it. It’s the kind of game that makes me want to keep advancing things along. I opted for Paper Mario based on the guess that it would be easier to not pay attention to for long periods of time. Anyway, Adventire Time is really cool and I want to play it more.

I played the demo for Lego Lord Of The Rings but it was boring and I couldn’t tell which hobbit was who. I guess I just don’t like Lego games. I’ve never played one that compelled me to play more.

They made a complete DVD set of In Search Of. Even though everything on that show is bullshit I used to love it as a kid. Leonard Nimoy narrating stuff was the best. It’s super expensive cause it’s a lot of content. I dont know if I’ll ever get it. Probably it’ll just be on my list forever, like the complete Real Ghostbusters set. They stopped producing the season sets so you could get them bit by bit. So I’m stuck at 3, or whatever it is. Aggrivating.

Since this week ends on a nice little break point I’m probably going to run some guest comics next week. There’s still a chance that I won’t do this because I won’t get enough pages. I kind of asked for guest pages as a test to see if anyone who pays attention to me has the moxie to step up and get something done when it’s crunch time. I have to say, at least one person already blew everyone else out of the water by producing content without a deadline. The deadline is basically this coming Sunday night before I post the pages.

I kept at it and caught back up to my buffer today. I have to start right in on the new pages tomorrow, which is sad because I will be super tired, but this is the way it is. If I get guest strips I can maybe get another week of buffer made up. That would be nice.

I like buffer.


Ed’s weariness and Jess’s over eagerness makes me feel uneasy. Like Jess is gonna buckle under the pressure and screw something up. I just hope it’s not their friendship.

Brooksie has a good head on her shoulders though. I think if she can think things through and shoulder whatever hazards are blown her way then she should be able to pull off this movie gig. I could totally see her making a “Clerks” kind of flick.

All Ed needs now is for one or both of the gals to start screaming “YES, YES, YESSS!!” XD

You think he’d snap or just crumble?

Don’t really know. . . Then again theres not to much difference between the two possibilities.

If it ended up with some Twin love, I have a feeling that Brooksie would want to be there in the thick of it. . .

Oh, Ed, are they making you feel… uncomfortable? Confused?

On another note, I would TOTALLY draw you a guest strip. Except I have no ideas. And can’t draw. At all.

Brooksie speaking about being a cruel mistress…

Great, I have the weirdest boner right now.

How do you think Ed feels? Jess is his sister.

Incest is only weird if its forced and/or produces a child. . . Lot more common than most people think and not just in backwoods, rural areas. . .

(Not speaking from experience, only child)

OH MY GOD! I love Jo and so want to marry her! I so wish I could meet someone exactly like her in real life!

I wouldn’t waste your time or money on Mass Effect 3. We pre-ordered the special edition and by a quarter of the way into the game we wanted to chuck it into the trash. There was such an outcry about how they ended the game as well that Microsoft supposedly did an alternate DLC ending and that also blew chunks from what I heard.

They destroyed the continuity of the games. The first one was epic, the second one was acceptable, the third is nothing but a freaking waste of time that I will never get back.

My biggest problem with ME3 is that the DLC should have come with the game.

And while I don’t necessarily agree with the people who hated the ending, I can see their points. Somebody said (can’t remember who) that they would be willing to pay for DLC that actually DID change the ending, like if Leviathan allowed you to get a totally different ending from the canon “crucible” endings.

Not sure what you mean by destroyed the continuity of the games, though. As long as you imported your save, everything seemed to be intact–although sometimes they seemed to shoehorn the little choices in (you’ll know what I mean if you ran into Jenna, or got the research from Conrad).

Honestly i thought ME3 was fantastic. It had the best stry progression and combat of the 3. The mass of people complaining about the ending are complaining because they didn’t get 3000 different endings to appeal to every single person. I have a feeling that 80 percent of the people who have said “i hate the ending” may have actually enjoyed it, but don’t want to feel left out, so they join in with the bitching.

If you have played the games and liked them, get it. Go in with as open mind as you can and enjoy the experience, not just the end.

I would guess that your reaction to ME 3 depends largely on what type of gamer you are. If you are into these types of games primarily for the combat and the technical issues then you would probably love the game.

However, if you are the type of gamer who gets into the story and aren’t obsessed with drama (like the twilight crowd seems to be) then it leaves you feeling betrayed. I’m a story driven gamer, and they dropped the ball for me with the story, partly in ME2 and completely in ME3.

They completely changed the core personalities of some of the characters and basically railroad you into one specific type of game ending even though all along they touted that you would be able to change the way the game ends by the choices that you make.

I really don’t call a couple of cosmetic changes to the ending being able to control how the game ends.

I’d stay away from the adventure time game if you can. I bought it day one expecting to love it, and the extras like the sword stylus are neat, but man what a waste of money. It’s fun until you realise that’s all there is, $60 for a game that lasts about 4 hours, if that, and the combat never really changes or gets harder from the start. I dunno, it just felt like a gameboy colour launch game that was quickly converted to DS to me.

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