1025 True Blood.

I guess the Adventure Time game is super good, and a terrible value for money. So that’s a used search game I’m thinking. Sounds to me that Wayforward was still in the digital download mode and should have stuck with it.

I got a new camera for xmas. Did I tell you guys that? It’s like the new version of the old one I had for years and years. Except its super better and also super saturated blue. I’ve taken pictures of my family and toys, but not at the same time. So, I guess that’s progress. Anyway, it’s, like, HD or whatever, and it takes pictures that are quite good. It can do video too. Pretty good video. Anyway it’s nice. I’ve had it with me just in case of good picture moments. I totally took pictures of the new wave of Halo blind bag Mega Blocks guys. LINK

Nobody knows about that blog. It’s one of the most pointless things I do. Which is saying something. None of the sites that track that junk have had any updates on series 6 though. I think our nearest walmart got a box earlier than usual. They’ve had some of the 3 pack pony things too and haven’t put them in them in the computer, so it’s a total fucking hassle when you try to buy them. Also, as long as I’m thinking about it, walmart’s website is totally inaccurate. You can’t count on any of the information to be right on it. >:\

Well, it looks like the webcomic world has failed me. Perhaps I speak too soon, but fuck it, I’m calling it now. You guys’ll get a bonus page at some point in the future though, because I got one really good guest page that I think I will make canon. If, by some chance, I do get some more pages later I might go ahead and do a guest week, but relying on others is just not a safe bet. I know that’s kind of antithetic to the general message of the comic, but I don’t have but two close art friends and they have their own problems to sort out. I don’t know what the readership point is where virtual strangers piss themselves to help you out for possible exposure, but I’m not at it. No one will be happier than I should I be proven wrong later.


I’d totally mess myself at the chance of exposure through your website.

Except I’m not sufficiently skilled, nor presently have the time to perform guest work. Believe me, I’d love the audience boost. And the opportunity to tell my sister I guest-starred for one of her favorite web comics.

C’est la vie, I suppose. Maybe in the future I’ll have a chance.

Sorry you haven’t received the response you hoped for Crave. My guess is that nearly all of your readers are like me in that we have NO artistic talent and are “talent vampires” living through you… :-P

Whilst I would love to do you a guest comic I have three pages of my own still to do this week, three toy reviews to shoot and edit and four to write and I just about met my goal of doing about half that amount last week. x_x

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