Re WiFi:

Maybe some sort of interference?

Do your devices show different “phenotypes” when they are in the same place (e.g. side-by-side)?

How many other devices are there using your wifi network?

What happens if you turn some of them off?

Normally there’s only two things using the wifi at a time. As far as I can tell it’s totally random. I turned on a bunch of things at once and some worked and some didn’t, then some would switch off and others would switch on.

When that happens, it’s usually a sign that the signal band chip is wearing out and having difficulty maintaining multiple incoming connections. Try flushing the router (if you haven’t already) by turning it off for ten seconds, then power it back on. See if the trouble improves.

If it doesn’t (or the trouble returns after a short while) then it’s likely heat degradation inside the device. In which case, replacing the router is really the only advice I can offer. This eventually happens to every router I’ve ever seen.

The nice thing is that all routers are backwards compatible with older connection types, so even if you get a new router, your old gear will still work. Albeit at lower speeds.

On a related note, you might want to power down your modem for a bit. Let the routing get removed and then turn it back on. Then do the same to router. Once it builds the routing table, it might resolve the issue.

Sometimes on older networks, if the devices on the network that control how traffic is routed don’t get refreshed or restarted after long periods of time, they start to lose track of what is what in your network. You can turn things on and off, but if the routing is getting messed up, then all sorts of devices will work for short periods of time before the router drops the connection and tries to put it back together. Rebooting both the modem and the router (or if they are one device, just that) will fix dropped connections.

Just restarting stuff sometimes helps, as has been said.

That apart, the 2.5 GHz wifi band is shared with a lot of other useless things, like cordless phones, microwave ovens and so on. If cybermom has bought some new appliance, it could be the culprit. See if you can use the 5 GHz band instead.

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I think you’re right. :)

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My wifi has been erratic fir a long time. There is probably interference from otbhr wifi’s in the same apartment block, which I can’t do much about. But one thing I noticed recently is that wifi shuts down when I run the microwave. Heating my cup of the or coffee it tolerable, it being only a minute or so, but serious cooking completely isolates my laptop from the internet and from my server. The recommended solution is to get a wifi access point that operates at 5 GHz instead of just 2.4 GHz. Apparently microwave ovens also operate at 2.4 GHz. Of course, this may not be your problem. It’s possible you’re getting interference from neighbours (who might not be using 5 GHz). And the devices connecting to your wifi would have to handle 5GHz too.

It could be interference from a microwave or a number of other devices that use that frequency band – quite a few things do, as it’s relatively unregulated. Might not even be *your* microwave. Could also just be interference from a neighbor’s wifi.

There are a number of apps on Android, and I presume on Apple, that let you scan the wifi spectrum and shows you other neighboring wifi networks. ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.farproc.wifi.analyzer works very well for me on all of my devices ).

Re_”I think our wireless router might be going bad.”:
Just a suggestion.
Check your fuse-box, to make sure that both the computer & the router are NOT on the same fuse-circuit as any appliance that uses a compressor. The most obvious offenders are the fridge/freezer, & the air-conditioner. A compressor starts-&-stops at semi-random moments, based on temperature, rather than any sort of timing. This can send “spikes” & “dips” through any appliances that share the same fuse-circuit. By messing with the power-level of the computer-or-router (or both), this can cause data-errors, which require a request to re-send the corrupted data-packet, which can cause significant delays (at-best).
If it’s not practical to isolate your equipment from any compressors, then a “Uninterruptible Power Supply” is needed, to protect sensitive equipment from these fluctuations.

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